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    Quote Originally Posted by paintmuffin View Post
    if testosterone facilitates logical reasoning, everything I thought I knew about biology is wrong.

    I'm not an antropological biologist myself and can't judge the validity of her findings. But it sounds pretty interesting to me:

    "Fisher has looked at marriage and divorce in 58 societies, adultery in 42 cultures, patterns of monogamy and desertion in birds and mammals, and gender differences in the brain and behavior. In her newest work, she reports on four biologically-based personality types, and using data on 28,000 people collected on the dating site, she explores who you are and why you are chemically drawn to some types more than others."

    (This is from her own webpage Dr Helen Fisher - Biological Anthropologist - Home Page. I didn't search for peer criticism of her hormonal theory. But it would be interesting to see it disputed.)

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    haha. I made a profile and did all the tests and stuff. It took about 20 mins. It's basically is an MBTI copy with Keirseyan style quadrants; like she's separated the 16 MBTI types into quadrants and colored them primary colors and given them names just like Keirsey does (his: guardians, idealists, rationals, artisans). I wonder if they're affiliated. There is also a pimpey feel to it, like Keirsey's. There are four results categories: Negotiator, Explorer, Director, and Builder. I got 34%negotiator (same as leo tolstoy and oprah winfrey and bill clinton?) and 23% explorer. Then they show your matches with their little label on them, so you can see their personality style. I got 10 matches. woohoo. Makes me so glad I'm married, although the guys look better than on the yahoo personals........

    I'm curious about her biological theories, but can't say I'm that impressed with this personality stuff. It's just ripped off MBTI concepts, with a keirseyan bent. Nothing new.
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    Just to clarify a small point about the SLTDI. With 8 functions and 8 roles, what you have is 8! (8 factorial) not 8 to the 8th power. That results is 40,320 possible combinations. How the SLTDI create around 2.5 million different types is the fact that they use a Likert scale to score to measure "how much" of a certain function is prevalent. So a difference of 86 versus 85 on Ni is measured as something separate. If you don't care about the point differences, it is 40,320. [8!=(8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1) by the way]

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