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Thread: ENTJ or ISTJ?

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    Don't worry, he's probably an ENTJ. I've scored ISTJ a couple of times. It's what he gets most consistently which determines his type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris1207 View Post
    Oh wow, is FDG the guy? And what's this about "via elimination"?


    I'm pretty sure this just refers to people with dominant N cognative functions such as INFJ's, ENTP's, etc... I don't necessarily use explicitly detached language to talk about stuff. I love using examples (one of the reasons that I almost minored in History in college.) Fact is, if you're a type that has N (AUX) followed by S, chances are you'll be a little more grounded in reality, especially the extroverts.
    I was thinking the exact same thing! I am a leading intuitive and maybe i'm expecting other N-types to be exactly like me.. As he is a leading thinker, maybe i cannot feel "enough" Ndom in him! (sorry for my bad english)

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    Moreover, i usually don't like ISTJ men really much.
    And i also think they think i am quite "strange".

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    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    Quante volte gli hai fatto fare il test? Prova a trovarne un altro e vedere cosa esce fuori. Oppure prova ad eliminare una tra le due dicotomie diverse tra i due tipi, cioè se riesci a dire con sicurezza "è N" oppure "è E" allora avrai la tua risposta via eliminazione.
    Hai ragione.. Però potrebbe essere un ESTJ! In genere non gli piace molto la gente ma non perchè è introverso: perchè la gente è troppo imperfetta e irrazionale!
    Non parla molto, ma ha un gran senso dell'umorismo e quando si trova a essere in mezzo a tutti introversi è lui a tenere banco!
    Succede anche a te?

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    I know a number of ISTJs and ENTJs well.

    You cannot tell based on use of abstract language. One of the worst BSers I know, who uses every cheesy business buzzword like "change agent" and "first mover" "next generation" is an ESTJ.

    Best way to tell an ISTJ from an ENTJ is the extent to which the person focuses on things that don't directly impact them. An ENTJ will typically be outspoken about politics, with forceful opinions. ISTJs have political views like everyone else, but they don't tend to focus on them like ENTJs do, and if you want a forceful opinion from one, more likely to come on a topic like the best way to clean your gutters.

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