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    You asked a very general set of questions, so forgive me for giving a set of general answers.

    1-- I wouldn't start by strategizing-- I'd start by identifying and defining. What are my assets? How much will this cost me? How soon and/or at what rate do I need to recover my investment and turn a profit? This needs to be done to set up time frames and targets. Perhaps at point 'A' I need to be doing 'x' 'y' and 'z', where these are employees, or fixed capital, or a sales regimen, or whatever. At point 'B' I may need to be doing other or more things. And so forth. There needs to be a criterion for success and failure.

    As far as strategizing goes, more details need to filled out for events that happen sooner. Since everything is subject to change, it wouldn't make sense to overplan for events too far into the future. If the first few steps look good, and the big picture looks clean too, then go do it! Everything reduces to $$$, so don't make any moves where you lose everything for nothing.

    2,3-- I have no idea how a fluffy concept like "Te" would get me off the ground. I'd need to find customers, find out what they want, and give it to them.

    4-- Of course we need to learn and adapt, especially if one is doing something that has not been done before. Dollars and cents would tell us if things are going well more than personal conviction. Just take what the evidence gives you. At some point getting the data becomes a challenge, which is where quality control, a clear managerial hierarchy, et cetera becomes important. Quantifying what you're doing may matter depending on what is being done. If you have on online retail business with 10 or 20 sales/CSRs working phones for you, it may be good to have software that times their average time per customer call, total sales, so you can tell who to fire and who to keep, or who needs attention/training, if a worker is developing or stagnating, etc. etc.

    It all depends on what we want to do.

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    Personally I've been the owner of two businesses. The first one rendered quite some success, but I would like to emphasize that the second would give you a better impression of how ENTJ's think when it comes to business.

    First and foremost, the seed or "business opportunity" comes to mind as an idea, via the "Ni" which gives a sense of the future.

    From that impression, I rule out the odds of the venture and weigh all possibilities and courses of action.

    Then the "reality" of the business is considered, and whether or not this would actually work.

    In my case, this would be an electronic cigarette business. Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that look and feel like cigarettes, helping people quit smoking cigarette by switching to this alternative.

    Being a smoker, and having quit using electronic cigarettes - it was only then that I realized the true potential behind the product. Once I realize that if a product unarguably works, then it must work. The second step is to realize what is my opposing force - in this case competition.

    Realizing that the majority of people have never seen nor heard of electronic cigarettes, and this is NO gimmick - the market remains untapped.

    For the first four months, planning was a full time duty. I devised a 34 page marketing plan and 12 page business plan, each encompassing ridiculously great ideas and tactics for expansion. Including retailing them online via multiple sites (even 30-40) with separate themes, trademarks, and brands so that I would have multiple channels of customer aquosition and conversions. was the first site, and others are following up. So far, the demand and sales figures were as anticipated.

    I could go on for days explaining to you all of the intricacies of this business, but I think I'll stop here before my fingers cripple away at the keyboard.

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    They do in fact work. I know somebody who quit this way after trying numerous times over about 20 years. The thing is, how do you quit using the electronic cigarette then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    They do in fact work. I know somebody who quit this way after trying numerous times over about 20 years. The thing is, how do you quit using the electronic cigarette then?
    Oh yeah, I'm a NRT veteran ... I've tried patches, gum, prescriptions and spent a near quarter of my salary trying to kick the habit. And then all of a sudden something that seemed as stupid and ridiculous as an "electronic cigarette" from the FIRST day I got it - painlessly and ridiculously I never had a cigarette after 17 years! I tried about four months back but I VOMITED.

    All in all - you are just smoking three ingredients: water, nicotine, and regular food grade flavoring. Surprisingly, my doctor even said Nicotine - by itself - IS ACTUALLY HEALTHY FOR YOU! It's just like caffeine but with 300x the health benefits - Nicotine improves memory, restores dead brain nerves, alleviates Alzheimer's & Parkinson's disease (though im not there yet), improves focus, concentration, fortifies blood vessels, and prevents diabetes and DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER -- its the tar and chemicals in the cigarette that cause cancer, NICOTINE is just the addictive substance.

    So all in all, it's pretty much like a therapy or a preventative medical "addiction" ironically. So how do you quit smoking the electronic cigarette?

    You wean off the nicotine level you smoke - For example, you smoke 48mg one month, cut down to 36 mg the next month, then do 24mg and ultimately down to 12mg and then zero.

    Although, it's more or less a cigarette - that has surprising health benefits. Why so? Because after I quit and starter using the electronic cigarette for a few months, my doctor has noticed that my insulin levels have normalized and my blood vessels have become stronger - primarily because of the nicotine.

    Ironic it is - but thanks to technology, at least cigarettes are not something I have to worry about anymore.

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