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    I like for things to be fresh. I throw away and get rid of stuff all the time. I like to start over, and see what I can do, and then start over again. If I moved, I wouldn't bring more than a carload with me. I've even been thinking about donating ALL of my books to the public library. But maybe I'd be better off giving them to people I know, since just about every time I check out a book at the library, I see that it hasn't been checked out in about 5-20 years, LOL.

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    I always thought my friend did this because of laziness. She told me that too, but it's really becuase of her minamalism? It makes sense. Wow, I never thought about it.

    I do believe the thing about presents and feeling obligated, she is VERY like that. She doesn't want much but because of her being that simple, I'm her friend. Though I am the same way, I like the bum/lazy people with complex minds. It's interesting.

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    I'm a quasi-minimalist, but I haven't always been. When I was younger, I was really unhappy and bought a lot of useless stuff. Including a lot of neat looking decorative stuff like oil lamps, posters and more useful stuff like t-shirts of bands and funny sayings and 300 cds that I bought in high school that I have barely listened to since (turns out I don't really like music).

    After high school I pared down quite a bit. There are only three things that I own a lot of: books, shirts and kitchen equipment. Last time I moved, I fit all my books into 8 boxes. I still have most of the shirts I had in high school, having a lot means that they don't wear down very fast. If I lived by myself I would appear to be fairly minimalist. My clothes would be put away, and the kitchen equipment in the cupboards, I would have several large bookshelves with my books in order. Life would be grand. It is unfortunate the things that marriage does to us, having to deny our inner nature in order to compromise for the ones we love.
    I'm not being critical, I'm just trying to make you a better person.

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    I would be happy living in a small room with nothing but a bed, dresser, desk, chair and closet.

    I try only to take what I need, which is usually less than other people. I try not to waste.

    However, (as Athenian) - I used to tend to pack more than I really need for "just in case". But I hate unpacking and putting things away so much, that I got over that habit real quick. Now, as I'm packing, I ask myself, am I going to want to unpack this when I get home. A lot gets left behind, but none of it is ever missed.

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    As long as I have tons of info to sort thru and examine/absorb.......I need very little else material. Well, except clothes. I loooooooooooooooooove a vast wardrobe.

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    I have lots of stuff. But, generally unlike other females, I tend to stop wanting more stuff once I have what I want.

    For example: I wanted a nice hair straightener (b/c I am inept to do my hair nicely for more formal occasions and my hair can get pretty untame in its waviness), a nice winter coat (so I don't wear my red one that's fit for outdoor sports to a funeral, for example), etc.

    I have acquired these things and actually stop wanting unlike most other females.

    So, I am not minimalist in the sense that I want a base of things, but once I have them, I don't desire more like most people.

    I also have a severe need to overpack "just in case". Especially on canoe trips. I would rather haul 10 extra lbs of gear than stress about not having an extra tarp and extra day's food on top of the normal extra day's food. This seems to be a trend of Ni overactive imagination.

    The most immaterial guy I know is my INFP friend. He's the last of 9 kids, I suppose he learned to deal with what was there and not worry. He packs for a canoe trip in 10 minutes and if he can't find something important, tends not to worry and is confident things will be okay regardless. <shudder>
    He also lasted an entire summer (April-end of August) spending $42 on groceries b/c he planted a garden and ate leftovers from his work's regular conventions. Talented guy, he is.
    *You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.
    *Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods.
    C.S. Lewis

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