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Thread: Identity

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcda View Post
    I completely reject the idea of personality type as identity. My identity to me is where I come from and what I stand for in the world, and that is collectively forged, through past experiences and bonds with others for a common vision. I feel very sorry for people that establish "identities" purely introspectively.
    You don't need to feel sorry for anyone.
    If they do that, perhaps it's because it's as meaningful to them as your process is to you.

    It sounds to me that you view the self more as a force of will and choice, the active force of self (which is traditionally more of a J approach to identity), rather than something garnered through self-inflection and the accumulation of evidence -- internal and external -- that might shed light on who one is (traditionally more a P-style approach).

    Sounds pretty much like Directing vs Informing styles to me.
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