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    Just turn this thread in as your assignment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fill View Post
    So how does this work? Or does it work at all?

    I'll explain: I've been put in an English class this semester. My professor wants me to write a descriptive essay with mainly sensory detail. The goal was four to five pages. I have one page. I suck at detail. So badly. I really don't think she'll buy me explaining MBTI, "Uh... look, if you saw my list of cognitive functions, you'd see Se and Si are the lowest, and... oh, I've received an F?"

    I've never had difficulty doing something in this way before because I almost feel incapable of doing it. I could hardly tell you what I did last week- I'm so focused on the present moment and the future, but I'll take very small bits of my past that I think I can learn from- but that's about all. I can't go on describing what has happened in great detail.

    How can I cope with this? Or pass this class?

    P.S. - This is me last night trying to write the paper:

    Read Hemingway........emulate same.
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    I've decided to withdraw from the class- however, I'll be testing out of it. I told my English professor I had last semester, and he immediately said, "You could do it."

    I'll rather enjoy this, actually: I have to write five essays by the end of the year and submit them to the english department. Feels nice to work on my own pace.
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