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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPER View Post
    From personal experience and the people I've met, I'd say NTs are closer to 5% of the population than 10%.... we're really rare... Ive only met a handful of other NT and almost always feel like I'm surrounded by boring SJs or dumbass SPs

    But perhaps strong NTs don't see balanced NTs as NTs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    There are no 4 letters in the alphabet that will spell the word: passion.
    Not even ENTJ.

    Passion is a fire that burns within you and drives you on, no matter what.
    It can live and breathe inside anyone.

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

    Get out a piece of paper and start writing what make you feel alive inside.
    And if the law is not on that list, then you have no business going to law school.
    Jobs don't make people confident, and certainly not competent.
    You have it backwards.

    Being confident and competent is sewn into the fabric of who we are as individuals.
    It doesn't get handed to us for being a member of a group
    Well friggin' said.

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    I'm in the exact same situation. I know I could be doing much better than I am, and I focus only on those who are more accomplished than I am, which I don't like. I've had my writing published, ideas in the patent process, and held a managerial position in a nationwide company at the age of 20, but academically, I'm not doing well.

    Part of it is that I chose an absolutely wrong major - Accounting. It took until my Junior year to realize that memorizing arbitrary details/rules is not my cup of tea. So I'm doing really poorly in those classes, which brings down my overall GPA, even though I ace classes in Economics, my other major. Not only do I ace the classes, I've captured the interest of several professors, who may be extremely valuable networking/opportunity resources. One of them suggested the possibility of embarking me on a project to help conduct research for a book he's writing on Economics. So I'll periodically follow up on that and see what happens.

    Right now, I'm going to focus on just graduating and then channel my energy to starting my own business. I've got very promising ideas and plans in mind, and as soon as I have the time to focus 100%, I can go forth and realize whatever potential I have. Remember, if you start your own business, you're automatically the CEO. Shortcut!

    But the key to making a title matter is making your business matter.
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