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    Quote Originally Posted by Risen View Post
    I have said before, Ti is wholly unsuited/inefficient for working with the social world of people and relationships, the most complex forms of interpersonal interaction. There are no systems, no definite rules, no code of conduct, no regulations. Only a limitless set of variables and potential behaviors that are as illogical and irrational as the universe is vast. The way Ti attempts to understand people is not suited to the enjoyment of interacting with them. It just tries to analyze, make logical sense of, and predict people as if they were mere objects in a world of physical laws, laws which Ti must seek to understand. However, there are no immutable laws that encompass and govern all the behaviors and unique qualities of individuals, and so I find myself dissatisfied with Ti's approach. Constantly trying to apply logic where it essentially does not exist; it's like trying to freeze the ocean in place in hopes that you can perfectly map out every wave and current. But you cannot freeze the ocean, you can only take snapshots, but as soon as you've taken one the entire ocean has changed again. It's all so utterly pointless.
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    You might be surprised, but some INFPs do this quite a lot too. When I, for once, really can't make sense of some complicated emotional situation, my Ti kicks in quite readily (in fact, it's pretty much the only time it kicks in...) and I'm going over and over the situation, over and over analyzing every little aspect of it in a very Ti Si Ne way, treating it like a complicated puzzle. When I come to a conclusion, Fi makes the final decision / makes final sense of all the situation. I'd say it's efficient for me in a way, but one can't get stuck at the Ti phase for too long. After one very draining and traumatizing emotional situation it became sort of a bad habit for me to Ti Si things and analyze them from a detached perspective, not really "feeling" anything - actually, it was a signal I was in heavy depression. But I little bit of Ti analysis when Fi just doesn't work can be useful sometimes.
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    Yeah... and it makes me feel so frustrated and helpless.
    But. Luckily, my attention span is small enough that eventually I get distracted by some other problem. One that can be solved!

    I try to let it go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bri View Post
    I have this 'problem' on occasion... Luckily I am 'big picture' oriented and can usually make enough sense out of things by considering the nature of all mammals, survival instinct, etc. so that I don't have trouble sleeping at night.
    Te has the same problem of understanding that Ti does, except Te errors on the side of generalizing and making mental shortcuts that. For what Te lacks in accuracy of understanding people, it makes up for it with its ability to smooth over the discrepancies. Ti is more accurate with its greater focus on the individual parts, but it can get so caught up in that game that it is brought to a hault once it hits a kink.

    A good analogy in how they try to understand people might be in saying that Ti tries to understand the forest by looking at the individual trees (the components of the system), while Te tries to understand the trees by looking at the whole forest (the whole system itself).

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