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I dont now, I dont think so but it seemed importent to have a good balance and therefore I was interested in it.

It would seem to me that it is fairly easy as an entp to miss the importence of Ti as I can imagine it would be for an INTP to miss the importence of Ne.

I would think that I use my functions as well as possible but maybe I'm not in which case i would need to rethink and adjust to better my abilities.

entropie: maybe we have diffrent views on the definition of balance. i dont get your statement at all.
I think entropie was saying that the world will never be in perfect balance everythings allways going to be going in different directions and our attempts to make everything slow down and stop moving are futile.

Basicly its a chaos theory, the world will allways be shifting back in forth their will never be a true balance(atleast in the Taoist sense)