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    Red face Can I post this here?

    I have to type this... It's totally random, hence my title.

    At times, my ideas excite me so much that I end up feeling like I will explode. In attempt to deflate some of that feeling, I say something along the lines of "I'm so EXCITED THAT I CAN'T STAND IT!" to whomever is around me.

    Then I'm ok. I go on with my day--thinking, planning, turning dreams into reality.

    I'm not a freak.

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    I think that's cute.

    That kind of thing might belong more in the fluff zone, though.
    Or the bonfire.
    Those are the two places you can put something when you have no idea where else to put it.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

    INTP. Type 1>6>5. sx/sp.
    Live and let live will just amount to might makes right

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizardgir1 View Post
    I'm not a freak.
    Well, that's what YOU think, anyway.

    Anyway, I don't generally get excited about much... certainly not to the point I would explode if I didn't say something... that sounds more extraverted, or at least more INFP.

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