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Ok Humours to MBTI, MBTI is built of the back of much older systems of classification some of which get lots in the translation (it happens in astrology too, language gets used that actually change the momentum).

Astrology is pertinant because a lot of the writting that huours are incorporated with are fused with astrology texted. Many of these books require people to go and learn languages to be able to work with them in an intellegent way. It s not unheard of for dedicated astrologers to study ancient English in order to renaslate old text books and then have to change them into moder English.

What occured to me is the word Feeling isn't been well used wiht MBTI.

A better definition of the group that are NF = Idealists (which is what the category is called). Idealist are champaigners, gladiators of causes firey passionate intesne about cause etc.

In older text they related to Cholerics, fire...idealists:
OneIshy :: Personality/Temperament : Choleric Strengths

OneIshy :: Personality/Temperament : Choleric Weaknesses

Phlegmatics are hall marked by their coolness and calmness, they are good in a chrisis. astrologically speaking they are of water... which is said to be emotional, which we are trying to calssfy as the sane as NF, but it's not. Emotions with water are related to Intuatition... it's deeper. This is the translation issue I'm on about....

OneIshy :: Personality/Temperament : Phlegmatic Strengths
OneIshy :: Personality/Temperament : Phlegmatic Weaknesses
(you see the emotions are below the surface - I'll see if I can turn up better explanations of the humours)

Sensory and Intitution are Taurus opposing Scorpio, taurus being an earth sign (melancolic), being of the body, Scoprio being a deeper level of water, being emotional to the point it comes from the gut not the mind, you get things in your belly long before it reasonates with your brain.

Intersing the other pole is Thinking Feeling, I was trying to figure out which axis these sit on. Gemini is the opvious thinker (which is an air sign, therefore sanguin), v's Saggie, the dreamer and idealist (fire and choleric). However it could also indicate the poles of Virgo (the second mercurial sign, which is Earth and therefore melancolic), v's Pisces, water, emotions and empathy.

There are systems in astrology called
Triplicity and Quadruplicity, which very loosly fit the MBTi quadrants.

Personality Comparison Chart

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