i can see why ENTJs might look like ESTPs

all ENTJs i know have these rules and small things they do to blend it with the everyday world. since the world LOVES ESTPs, most ENTJ rules end up portraying an ESTP of sorts. so most things ENTJs do end up having the appearance of SP actions even though the motivations between SP and NTJ are completely different.

I even get the salesman vibe from some ENTJs...they do whatever they need to achieve their goal; might it be getting a promotion, fitting in to the social circle, hiding their self diagnosed OCD, tell quick white lies to avoid situations...

do remember this is MOST entjs; out of the 6 that i know, only 2 (both guys) are bold enough to stand out among the crowd and they have very little estp vibe to them

for the overall poll though, id still vote ENTPs
-more number of entps than entjs look like espts
-entps are more like estps...entjs only LOOK like estps