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    I like hosting parties! I tend to go the SJ way: cooking lots of food, make sure there are enough drinks...
    I'll take care of greeting everybody and talk to them.
    But I'm "not interested in people", meaning I can't listen to smalltalk and remember the boring details things people care about, like what job they are doing, the names of their children etc etc.
    Total strangers? No problem - I'm relaxed because I know nobody expects from me even knowing the names. I'll be a gracious host.
    Friends? Come in, sure! I'm relaxed because I know what interests them - mostly something I share, that's why they are friends. Probably we'll use a board or card game as a means of connecting instead of the usual smalltalk.
    Acquaintances? No thanks.

    Make sure everybody enjoys himself?
    I don't really feel responsible for that. I try to make everybody feel welcome and at ease - that's my responsibility.
    Enjoying the thing - or at least, be honest enough to leave if you don't - that's the responsibility of the guest.
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    i love having people over and i always make sure i have food and drink. at the if i have too many left overs then i will definitely hand out to go plates.

    everyone gets introductions and if this is the first time to my place they get the tour and i'll make them a drink or plate and let them know then to make themselves at home.. after that , we're family so you need get your own sh*t

    i don't run around making sure everyone is comfortable or having a good time just because if i'm inviting you to my place that means i'm pretty certain you can get along with the other people.

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