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    I'm pretty unreliable when it comes to hanging out.
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    leave them alone
    I N V I C T U S

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    Well, you don't rely on them.
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    @msg_v2: Your post is quite helpful. Actually, I would go as far as calling it gospel. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    Well, you don't rely on them.
    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    I don't rely on them or ask anything of them and if they remain flaky, I'll ask what's wrong. If nothing improves or the situation is not improvable, I move on. This is, of course, assuming that I rely on people. Which is unusual.
    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    To answer the question, how do you deal with unreliable people? I don't.
    All of the above posts pretty much say either, 1.) I don't rely on people or 2.) I don't deal with unreliable people what-so-ever.

    How on earth do any of you get along with Perceiving types?

    Quote Originally Posted by yakimadude View Post
    self doubt in ones own abilities, could be doubt in a decision, maybe its not truly what is wanted. what kind of instance or situation are they being unreliable or what are they doing that is coming across to you as unreliable?
    My situation is pretty simple. I met an ISFP- we hung out once, and we were supposed to hang out again soon. It's been weeks, and all the plans are being cancelled soon after they're set up. I don't think this person has a reason to hate me, nor a reason to cancel all of our plans- I just think she might not be the best with coming through with things.

    To those who say they don't rely on people at all: I really don't either. I'll give some perspective: I recently moved out of my house to college. At home, which is where I am now for break, I had to rely on people to do things because this town is one that doesn't have much going for it- what I mean by that is I can't find somewhere to simply meet new people or just be around people. If I walked up to someone here and introduced myself, I'd get one hell of a weird look. College is the exact opposite. There's a constant flow of people around me- I can do everything "alone" but still be surrounded by people. So, I lived here all of these years in a cave of self-consciousness and angst, whilst performing poorly academically because of the scarce amount of "people" environments (along with a house that with rather strict rules), and I go to college to realize the vast amount of environments and accepting people- I start to excel academically and personally- and I'm not self-conscious or anxious.

    Red = INFJ
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    I think I just figured myself out. I was a closet ENTP. I need a place with lots of activity to survive, preferably a big city or college campus.
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    Relying on people?

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