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    Quote Originally Posted by justxher View Post
    Okay but what about all the other equally good reasons that other types have for rejecting MBTI? Like the Fi doms I've encountered who think that classifying people under various types devalues their individuality?
    Sure, some Fi types think that. Any given function or combination of functions might have a reason for choosing to abstain from something like typology.

    Quote Originally Posted by justxher View Post
    I'm sure I myself could think of at least 10-15 ENTJs who regularly post on this forum. If you guys think its like 3-4 and don't accept alot of the ENTJs on here as actual ENTJs then you clearly don't understand that ENTJs are not that one dimensional that they don't take up interest in things that have no empirical evidence.
    Well, some ENTJs are not that one dimensional; others are. It depends on the person. As for the exact number on this board, I'm not the one who said there were only 3-4...though I don't think that number is too far off. Even if there are 10-15 of them, though, that's still waaaay less than 1/16 of the total membership, so obviously there's some combination of factors leading to fewer ENTJs choosing to participate in this kind of thing.

    I suspect that another reason there aren't a lot of Te doms (or even Fe doms, for that matter) around the board is that screwing around on forums isn't seen as a productive use of time.

    In any event, though, there are certainly quite a few people on the forum who haven't spent much time studying typology and have poorly assessed their own types, and several of them have mistyped themselves (imnsho) as ENTJ, which is a pretty underrepresented type here compared to most others. That's the real point here, not the precise number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    One of the things I loved most when reading the book "The Art of War," was the beauty of strategy which is just NT in general. .
    The Art of War posits Taoism in application, which, I know, is highly ironic.

    I wouldn't call it NT, per se. Hell, it rang my NFP bells pretty hardcore.

    Being in tune with nature, both intuitively and instinctively, yields harmony, or in this case, "victory".
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