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    Default Self value meets idea value

    Okay this might be "philosophizing" but fuck it.

    It follows from the rational temperament that ideas take a commanding role in our self value structures.
    In other words, when your life is all about thinking about things, the things you think about start to mean a lot to you.

    I'm wondering how useful this is for us.

    So it might be argued that because this is what we're the best at (though not necessarily what we're best at) we serve the community best by doing it.

    However this sort of evaluation is being done according to our own idea worshiping evaluation system.
    We have an ideal of efficiency which promotes specialization+we have determined a relative aptitude we possess, from this it follows that we serve the ideal by focus on this aptitude.

    I think this sort of thinking (which may be totally unrepresented except in my imagination) is operating on an unsound value system, an altogether too NT value system.

    The determining of efficient practices can't be done without a goal. The pursuit of pure efficiency might have the greatest overall yield, but what it's yielding isn't necessarily beneficial to anyone.

    To take this to a slightly more concrete place:

    Consider your average interactions with NFs. Sure they enjoy your intellectualizing and whatnot, but really what they enjoy is you.

    And I disagree entirely with anyone who claims that the aspect which NFs value in their dealings with NTs is the NF homunculus composed of our lesser functions.
    There is a quality which is valued of rationals which does not reduce to what we generally consider to be rational action (idea creation).

    If you agree with the previous sentence then you should be on the same page with me as far as there being something other than ideas which we can value about ourselves.

    Unless you believe that NFs are able to enjoy things that NTs simply cannot. Which is bullshit.

    So to state my point more clearly:
    NTs can make themselves happier by learning to value themselves (more highly) and not only their ideas.
    Due to the variety of values held by their communities, this shift in focus will not result in any overall reduction in happiness (The NT doesn't bail on any of his duties by chilling out a bit).
    wails from the crypt.

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    at least tell me I'm dumb.
    wails from the crypt.

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    murkrow, depends on the NT some NT's value themselves much more highly than their ideas, balance is important (I think)

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    I think I got your drift and Jims aswell and I agree.

    As a matter of fact its a thing my girl is teaching me for 4 years, to value the things I stand for and am perceived for and not to constantly question myself and my motives and to turn my own world upside down every now and then

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