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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    A hunch tells me that this was born out of some deep craving that may be labeled as "I want to meet a real entp not all those posers, so I can understand myself better".
    Do you think that's how it works ?
    Maybe, I'm not 100% sure I get what you are driving at, if you mean he is in search of real live ENTP company as opposed to other types then maybe...

    I emailed him a link to the thread, he may show up, he may bring chocloate biscuts.. and coffee - can we handle that....?

    Although that would may be too much to hope for, given I didn't actually mention either the coffee or the biccies in my email.

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    Tom is Australian! He made a whole video about it!
    See: YouTube - Accent

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcda View Post
    yeh, I wouldn't know, I've never even been to Oz (though one of my best mates is Australian and it sounds better than Britain in most of the ways that interest me, which isn't saying much).

    I was only putting that bit bit in as a disclaimer because of Tinkerbell cliamignt hat he sounded British. I could have jsut said "obvious Australian is Australian" but I didn't feel I'd been around the foum long enough to be so frightfully rude.

    But I'm from London and I say mate all the time. I didn't realize I disgusting to Aussies.Now I'll be self-conscious if ever I go there.
    hey, look at the positive side, if someone slaps you * for calling them mate, it might be me

    Quote Originally Posted by Valuable_Money View Post

    Elitism FTW
    *with a little white glove

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    see I'm for the dictatorship fo the proletariat, we oculd never be friends. In fact I'd probably send you to a forced labour camp in Tasmania for your comments here (which is pretty moderate, it could have been Townsville).
    "Of course we spent our money in the good times. That's what you're supposed to do in good times! You can't save money in the good times. Then they wouldn't be good times, they'd be 'preparation for the bad times' times."

    "Every country in the world owes money. Everyone. So heere's what I dont get: who do they all owe it to, and why don't we just kill the bastard and relax?"

    -Tommy Tiernan, Irish comedian.

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