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    Quote Originally Posted by tcda View Post
    It depends on the concrete situation. If my friend is wronged then I'll help him I guess, whether or not he's an NT. Otherwise I might try and mediate the situation if I think there's been a misunderstanding. It depends...are you thinking of a specific case here?
    No particular case, but I just see that as an difference between NTs and NFs that will probably want to protect their peers more than NTs would. I just find it interesting that this seem to happen often on a forum.

    And you could take out type, I agree. But its just so much fun to stereotype people.

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    I do not side with rationales. I side with rationality.

    If I see a rational trying to engage in a rational argument with someone who is being irrational, then I will take part in my own objective way.

    If I see a rational trying to engage in a irrational argument with someone who is being rational, then I will take part in my own objective way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowriot View Post
    Would you protect some other NT at any cost in an argument the person is in? Even how good friends you are with said person? One scenario being they are not completely right in their reasoning.

    Do you feel the need to protect other NTs, that might be friends/might not be, that are being criticized or being unfairly put on the spot? This does not include the need to tell the person putting them on the spot how illogical their criticism is. But it does include criticism that are decently fair, but a bit harsh in its wording.
    Why on earth would I protect someone just because of their type?

    I don't even really think about "siding with people," even if I don't happen to personally like someone involved in the conversation. If they make a good/fair point, I'll note it openly.

    I tend to not like abusive people, though, even if I happen to agree with their points. I'll note what parts of their argument make sense, but if they keep it up, I might start poking at them for their poor attitude if that attitude seems unnecessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dooraven View Post
    I'm not really sure why I would want to defend anybody based on their MBTI type alone. If they're wrong they need to be criticised, if they're write however, I will voice my support.

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    I would donate all my clipped finger nails to another needy NT.

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