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    Default Of Intuition and Communication...

    Right now I am trying to understand how the functions work. Having intuition as my auxiliary function, I am wondering what it would be like to have it as the primary function in both itís introverted and extroverted forms for the other rationales.

    I can understand Ti, more or less, and how to communicate with it, and I also understand Te and its values, but I have yet to fully comprehend how to communicate through intuition. I know that I have the capacity to, but I am not fully sure how to access it in regards to direct usage with a dominant intuitive.

    My main drive is, after I identify the presence of the intuitive aspect, how would I feed it? What topics of conversation and points of interest would supply the intuition for a sustainable conversation? And how do the extroverted and introverted alignments work in this regard for us rationales?

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    I'm not sure if I'm picking up the question correctly but Intuition is not all that hot.

    I will have an insinct about something that screams it's wrong.... Occation (maybe once every 2 years) I can't articulate what is bothering me, and it's really difficult to figure out why I'm so against something... it does usually come for a while and I feel I am scratiching around in the dark... Once I get why my intuition is going off like a loud speaker, then it is usally very rational as to why it is so.

    Almost all of the rest of the time I can articulate and have evidence for my N type thinking.

    How do you develop this aspect of yourself... there is a book by Malcom Gladwell called Blink (I hated the way it was written), but it goes into top slicing information. Experts know when things are wrong without knowing why.... so learnign stuff helps... then going with your first reaction - that takes paractice to
    1. Recognise your innervoice
    2. listen to it
    3. formulate a perspective
    4. root around for supporting eveidence...

    Try the book, wasn't keen on the arogance of the author but the principals are OK

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