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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    I think it's because we value universality and abhor narrowness.
    Well so do all other NPs for that matter, so why don't we find this same phenomenon in them? Or do we?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teslashock View Post
    Yes this is very good. I am inclined to agree with this (initially).

    ENTP/INFJ males flow towards "feminine" traits, while ENTP/INFJ females flow towards "masculine" traits. Interesting. I wonder why that might be or if there are other types that do this as well.
    I think you are seeing tert functions grow in. for you guys tert Fe. Most of my males ENTPs are very sweet appearing and even verge on feminine or gay as they hit 40. Many ESTP males sort of do the same thing-though it seems more variable.

    ENTP women seem to grow tert Fe in much more smoothly and become motherly at about 30. They are actually nicer than me most of the time. Maybe the entp women grow Fe sooner than the men-thus seem quieter and less extroverted? All of my ENTP best friends are women that use Fe fairly well-even as young as 24 I guess.

    ENFP women and men both grow towards Te. The women can be a wee bit bitchy, but it is highly variable while men seem to develop more smoothly.

    I dont see the same sex variability in INXJs but my INFJ pool is very small.
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    I was taught to be more introverted, because you get into too much trouble.
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    i've learnt how to turn my extroversion down a little bit - particularly in professional settings.

    i find i'm more organised than male ENTPs i know - but i do have a fair dose of J.
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