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    Kids get enough pressure with raging hormones, having to achieve 24/7 in less than ideal homesituations. You cannot ask a kid to be the emotionally mature one or just tell them to 'deal with it'. Clearly, if it's spilling out of them, they need help. Im not saying this is the job of teachers, but there should be some option available to them. School shrink, lifecoach, whatever. Give them someone to go to. Experience can get you far, but different types learn in a different way and circumstances which give you experience are a wildcard at best.

    I always find it ronic that emotional health is just expected, and emotional suffering is something people are rarely willing to deal with, tolerate or know how to even address as it's considered a weakness. Yet every kid deals with that, some in less efficient ways than others, some in self-destructive ways without disrupting society. It's almost like 'as long as you're miserable and don't get in other peoples way', you're doing fine. The moment you start emo-ing, you're being inappropriate!

    Gah, seriously, people should learn to realize that emotional health is a priority, and hard to attain for some, and that's it's not somethign to consider as only happening to weak and crazy people. The social stigma and for that matter, the emotional inaptitude of most people (ironically confronting themselves with their own lack of emotional maturity in many cases, somethign they do not usually take kindly to) to deal with this is staggering. And again, I don't judge those people for having that inaptitude or deciding that this isn't their field of expertise, but don't be judging others for daring to be emotionally unable to function either, especially not kids who are still trying to figure themselves out. Instead give them a nudge into the right direction, towards someone who does make this their job, and is willing/capable of dealing with this and help them out.


    Carry on.

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    Oh, yikes. Yeah, I wasn't meaning to suggest that there shouldn't be some kind of emotional support system in place. Ideally, I think emotional guidance counseling/training should be available to every student.

    My point was, not all college profs are equipped to provide it, and they're certainly not paid enough money to field everyone's emotional crisis. I'm definitely NOT encouraging a stigma for people with big emotional needs. To the contrary, I think *everyone* has them, and that every person I've ever met could benefit from emotional guidance. When my children are older, I plan on becoming an emotional counselor in some right or another.

    Also, I believe that at some point, the young adult has to learn to take responsibility for getting themselves the emotional help/direction they need. That's all. I think there's a difference between talking about a 14yo in high school band and a 19yo college student who's out on their own. <muse>
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    Yeah I'm starting to agree with the emotional guidance thing. It was the course on emotions I was wary about.

    It's nice to hear about emotionally aware people (not that I expected you wouldn't be).

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