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    This may have been better suited for the "insomnia" thread, but I have it again. Oh well, I will sleep on the plane tommorow, and crash again if I need to.

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    optimal - six hours with a 1/2 hour nap after lunch. A little longer during the winter months with no nap (I usually nap in the car).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
    Okay, my dear INTP boyfriend needs his sleep. If he doesn't, he gets in a most desperate state.

    I'm blaming his desperate need for sleep on his constant thinking abilities. His extreme thinking zaps the energy right out of him.

    My youngest son (20), also a dear INTP, can sleep 12+ hours if I let him. I can blame it on his being on a computer 12+ hours a day, though (playing online strategy games).

    Thankfully, I do like to sleep, but I don't need it... not like they do.

    Any other INTPs out there that experiences this to this extreme?
    I am INFP but I have always needed a LOT of sleep or I feel fuzzy headed and awful. I cannot function on less than eight and do much better on ten. It would be very nice to be one of these people who can regularly get by on five to six hours. Think of all the reading and stuff one could get done!

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    I used to have a problem keeping my sleeping set in one place. I would just keeping staying up later and sleeping later, and it would keep going around the clock. Yes, this created problems with school and work. Recently I found this wonderful supplement called melatonin, and now I have things under control for the most part. I tend to sleep between 12 and 8, except sometimes I wake up too early and can't get back to sleep.

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    Funny. I do sleep a lot but not nearly as much as my sister (ISFJ I think?). She stays up until 4 most of the time, though, so when she gets up at 12 I guess it's really not that much. Undisturbed I average 10 hours.

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