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    What inspires these thought bubbles?

    From what source are they derived?
    'Cause you can't handle me...

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    "That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is."

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    They inspire themselves. If they need external stimulus to develop, Te gets it for them, but fundamentally they mind their own business. I think about the same questions for months on end. If you're an Ne dom, picture that type of creativity separate from the experiene that inspires it. Where Ne bounces off the world around it and synthesis it creatively, Ni just kind of floats right through and processes the ideas that it itself is interested in processing.

    Though in a bigger picture sense, I would say Fi inspires it. I might decide that, say, understanding economic development is a good cause. I then will spend years thinking about it. My long term thought process is:
    1. Fi decides something is important
    2. Ni forms an intricate web of thoughts around this thing
    3. Te cuts the web into something connected to reality

    Also, watch this movie:
    Stalker (Сталкер)

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    I'll give my take on it with a new metaphor

    For me, Ni is like a machine which dispenses lego blocks, at all times of the day and without any external interaction. The blocks it dispenses are of all different shapes, types and colours, and appear to be completely random.

    Te then moves in and structures these lego blocks into different designs, so that they can be used to create something of practical value. This process is ongoing, and happens whenever Ni feeds in new lego blocks. The structures it creates are permanent and unshakable but are also in a state of constant improvement due to the steady flow of new blocks from the dispenser.

    Finally, Fi is the small child observing this process, picking out designs which look good, and rejecting those which may cause long term problems.

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