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    ITA...both sides of the same coin, false sense of subjectiveness, and false sense of
    objectiveness are a lot of people's down-falls. When it comes to people's words, wh-
    at they are saying is not what I take into account, it is that feeling you get in your

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    I don't have a clear stance. A false sense of objectiveness stems from personal values, so its one person's values against another's.

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    Who said objectivity and subjectivity have to be mutually exclusive?

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    Agree completely with OP. Except one nitpicky point: "This is impossible because true objectivity would require an infinite number of viewpoints and we only have one and our interpretation of others'." <--- True objectivity only requires one viewpoint. The objectively right one.

    But yeah, since we have no idea what that is, it's kinda moot.

    I think having a strong sense of subjective morals is extremely important, and have little patience for those who try to dismiss the moral system of someone else because it's "subjective". Their dismissal is subjective, too. Then again, I just dismissed them!

    Anyhow, we don't need to strive for objectivity at all in order to be a functioning society. We only need to strive for consensus. And since that's kinda how we're wired, there's not really a big problem here.

    My moral system takes into account that other people have different moral systems. But if someone breaks one of my codes, I stand up for myself no matter who they are. I just try to surround myself with people with similar enough codes that this doesn't happen too often, and when it does we can reach consensus.

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    Having morals is fine. Asserting that these moral determinations constitute some substantive truth, on the other hand, is not fine.

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