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@shortnsweet. Since you bumped this one, can you tell me what exactly is a pseudo-intellectual? I'm guessing it was either everyone on the forum who isn't a licensed psychologist or someone who is arrogant and writes as if their opinions are always to be taken as facts.
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Pseudo intellectuals are people who go around trying to impress people with their knowledge in order to make up for their lack of a more naturally developed worldview and reasoning facility. We've all met them. Those people whose every sentence includes a name-drop. Those people who bring esoteric topics/writers/philosophers/musicians up despite their lack of relevance to conversation. Those people whose wit is very clumsy, yet they insist on imposing it on every conversation (goddamn puns! They're not okay unless they're said ironically.) Those people who like to pontificate self-righteously and uselessly (and usually without having been asked), especially on topics related to motivation and living life (because they honestly believe that their sage-like wisdom is so valuable that it's their duty to spread it faster than a bad crotch-rash.)

There are more symptoms, but in all likelihood they'll be easy to identify. Many of them actually are professors, too. For fictional examples, you should consult any Woody Allen movie, because he loves to write in at least one pompous bastard pseudo intellectual to be hated by the audience.
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There are many ways something can be pseudo-intellectual. My primary idea of a pseudo-intellectual is someone who seeks knowledge so they can display it as a part of their facade.

An actual intellectual may happen to use a word that no one else in the room understands because it was the most accurate word for what they meant to say at the time.

A pseudo-intellectual uses a word knowing that no one else in the room will understand it so as it build their image.
These are both decent definitions. Kind of hard to define, I think it's just a facade/ a persona. Lots of flamboyant speech etc. to sound a certain way- detracts from a normal conversation. And no, you don't have to have a psychology degree to have a genuine conversation about a topic. It's the people who care less about the subject matter and more about the way it appears when they talk about it. If ya know what I mean.

Learned the word in high school from a teacher who appeared to be a pseudo intellectual herself- she didn't define it- but I had an idea.