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Thread: INTJs vs. INTPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    INTPs are more logical than INTJs in a sense that they explore and weigh in all the options before coming to a conclusion. INTPs also tend to be habitual mental masturbators, spending a lot of time thinking and trying to solve things that have little, if any, real life application. A lot of times INTPs get so overwhelmed with options that they end up doing absolutely nothing because they are tangled in their own overthinking.

    INTJs are more prone to consequntial logic than INTPs, in a sense that they make a decision based on their intuition and then use logic to justify it. INTJs are a lot better at identifying and "trimming the fat" of intellectualism, i.e. disregarding the things that have little real life application. They are quick to make a decision and to follow it. However, INTJs occasionally fall into a "crackpot" category, where they think they have a simple answer to any number of complicated situations.

    So go ahead and pick one of the descriptions. And if you have trouble picking one, you are probably an INTP.
    YYes this is mostly true. My first thought was when the OPs first tests were INTJ she was INTJ and her learning about MB and what answers to what questions bring what results, resulting in a corrupted secondary tests.

    The fact OP seem sincere and open to continue to get more facts and opinions without a hard and fast decision indicates as the above poster notes "And if you have trouble picking one, you are probably an INTP".

    A happy medium between INTP and INTJ would be grand. The INTP seems to throw and extra large frame beyond what is needed to make sure they don't miss a vital portion of the answer they are drawing. Also getting lost in the details attempting to find perfection like Gustav Flaubert writing and editing the same sentence over and over again looking for perfection. It takes a long time and often the painting never gets finished.

    The INTJ on the other hand is faster and more practical. They will use a smaller frame and get the job done quickly and methodically. The style will be sharper and often more clear as to its conclusions. They are usually right too yet when they are wrong they will often choose denial over admitting their mistakes. As noted "INTJs are more prone to consequential logic than INTPs, in a sense that they make a decision based on their intuition and then use logic to justify it." This is often a much quicker way to draft a decision. INTJ however they will often ignore conflicting data even when such conflicts involve a controlling fact/authority an INTJ will instead distinguish the fact/authority fact/controlling authority to the point of absurdity or simply ignore the fact, minimalist it, bury it or otherwise cause a side distraction.

    However even on the rare occasion when the INTJ construct something (real or theoretical) which is flawed in will nevertheless usually work to some degree, at least in the short term.
    INTP will likely be the archiectect for a superior deign with all the cause and effects consequences and with the highest degree of efficiency. That is they will work out such a design in their mind. As to the final product, unlike Flaubert, it will usually be a cheap knock off to the design sought and figured out (which will nevertheless often be extremely good in comparison of what is out on the market). As the INTP will be mostly happy with simply able to convince that most discernable arbitrator (the INTP themselves). Therefore it is usually best if managing the team to get the design from the INTP after they figure it out, give it to an INTJ of like mind to clean up and tighten, and then pass it onto a worker bee to proof and construct.

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    Bleh you are like me, just leave it at INTX, with your weakest functions being Se and Fe, well mine at least.

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    Any person with an X in their mbti type is definitely a perceiver.

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