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Thread: ISTJ or INTP?

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    I'd like to see Habba's response on this issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    I thought there were few members here (Costring? Matthew_Z?) who were indecisive whether they are INTP or ISTJs... am I mistaken?

    Every then and now I ask myself, if I'm an ISTJ... and why wouldn't I be an INTP instead. Every test I've taken has given me a result of ISTJ (except one gave me IxTJ). But yet I don't feel particularly ISTJish. I mean I strongly dislike organizations, religions, military, traditions and formalities.

    So, INTPs, what made you think you were ISTJs over INTPs?

    And, ISTJs, what made you think you were INTPs over ISTJs?

    My P-N says you are INTJ using the Perseus System. An ISTJ simply would not ask such a question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Habba View Post
    Because I'm not really looking for my own type, but to hear what these INTP-ISTJ people have to say. INTP <-> ISTJ is a big jump, but still some people seem to be uncertain which one they are. I've noticed that this pair is more common than any other possible pair of types. Well, ENFP <-> ISTJ is a common pair too, but that can be explained with the shadow personality.
    From your badge, you're somewhere near the borderline of S and N. Which would explain your roundabouts a little.
    Why not just be who you are and not worry about what type you belong in?
    Some people have traits of two personality types, because people aren't always black and white. While some might perceive this as decisive indecisiveness, I think it just might mean you're more adaptable to different personality types. And that is not a bad thing in any way.

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