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Go on - give us another chorus of I REALLY LOVE ENTPS thats the reason I'm such a total prick about them.

As for the original questions, yes I do much more than visual or auditory

I dig through entp brains so I can understand them. Authenticity is everything for me. I have to understand the truth. I dig through the deep dark trenches, understand the darkest aspects of others and then accept and love them for what they really are, not what they pretend to be. ENTPs are just extra special there and teach me much about myself as they are a symmetric mirror. For every "attribute" I find, I can find the matching "attribute" reflected symmetrically in myself. It is beautiful theoretically but can highlight my worst flaws and be upsetting.

My ENTP says digging to understand upsets other entps as you guys use your understanding of others to control them. To have someone understand you makes you feel as though they are trying to control you. Not my intent of course. To accept, I have to understand.

Best wishes beautiful ENTPs. I will remember each of you and the brightness of how you think. You have taught me how to better love those around me.

Q has the brightest, most beautiful mind of all which I have delighted in watching, but jeno I shall always love. OMT is amazingly enlightening and open and has taught me much. Substitute, Entropie, and Synarch have beautiful souls. All the little entp punks are utter fun and are adorable and the rest of the older entps are awesome as well.