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    I'm the same way, especially with big cities. Ever since I was three or four
    being the earliest I can remember, I always had this feeling I couldn't explain
    that I was meant to see a few of them. Those daydreams opened up many
    things that changed my outlook on life in so many ways like reading challeng-
    ing books, learning different languages and to write in them, singing...acting
    (even though I never really did anything with it) because those were things
    you learned about people doing there. I realized I was smarter than people
    gave me credit for (myself included) but that if I was strong enough to stick
    with those things even if others had doubts or if it didn't look like there was
    any place to do them where I lived other as a passtime then I was strong en-
    ough to change things going on in my life or for those around me. The song
    Defying Gravity always gives me chills because like Elphaba trying to free all
    of the talking Animals my cause would be people not having to be defined by
    their reputation, talents or intellect and people that really don't seem to care
    about any of those things not having to be treated like imbeciles that get
    walked all over to pick up everybody else's slack.

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    What a strange thing to hear someone else describe. I get those feelings too. Strongest ever was when I went to Zihuatanejo, Mexico. It's a connective emotion that feels like a close cousin of nostalgia, but because it's not it's an oddly inappropriate emotional reaction. And I knew my way around instinctively. When I came home I was homesick for the place, even though it wasn't my home.

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    Spot on. When I listen to John Frusciante's album Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T Shirt, for example, I get this odd feeling that I've finally named "dirt nostalgia." It feels like I've physically been to the places the music has taken me but forgotten all about it, and all that's left is a little smudged-up residue.

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