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    Default Perceivers and Leadership

    Kinda like an oxymoron if you think about it, but an ENFP told me once....

    "If you hate the conventional ideas of leadership, e.g., corporate, or militaristic, you can always have leadership through advocacy of a certain cause"

    She made a nice point there, but I wonder if that's easier for her to say because being NFP gives her a good idea about the nation of her passions, which may not come off quite easily for an NTP, even if we may also consider ourselves "passionate", depending on how much we like what we're doing.

    For example, she's a lesbian, and it's so easy for her to get involved in gay rights movements or any human rights movement for that matter.

    I wish I can involve myself in such similar matters (more identifiable to me, as a male NTP) even if the set-up may appear small.

    But I never have so much of that NF humanitarian inclination that NFs normally possess, but I guess the desire to help someone legitimately is there.

    Do any of you NTPs here support certain causes and have joined a tangible community for it?

    Normally, I do things on much a much smaller scale, like helping NFP friends rationalize their feelings (easy for me to do, with my Ti and all), whenever their Fi consumes them, but that's more of a one on one help than anything.

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    I'm a member of a political party. I want to express my support for a sensible, rational, easy-going and liberal party, oppose all these fucked up idealists we seem to have in this country nowadays.

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    I think it's important to choose sides at one point in life.

    But you can of course always go into one-upmanship .

    I am a member of the liberal party FDP in Germany for 10 years, but I wouldnt define my opinion through theirs. If they dont like mine they can kick me out.

    That's what a good nihilist does

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    Our school does a Leadership group where (for 20 minutes everyday) chosen upperclassmen displaying 'leadership' capabilities meet with a group of freshmen and guide them and orient them.

    We answer a lot of their more personal questions and discuss things that one wouldn't normally discuss with a teacher.

    So, I guess I am a leader in this manner. ENFPs are natural people leaders. I think I do a good job at helping and influencing these people, and I care about them.

    ENFPs are passion driven when it comes to leadership. Strong passion can really compensate for organizational, tactical, logical, and conventional skills.

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    I think a good leadership position for a perceiver to be in is one where s/he plays the gentle guiding hand.

    Sometimes though, it's necessary to take the gentle hand and give 'em five across the eyes.
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    percievers are actually not bad leaders at all.

    they jsut need to be devoted/love/interested in the job enough. NFPs do it throught passion. NTPs cna rationalize to it; i know, i do it everyday

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