thanks for all the advice, oddly a lot of it from ENFP's
one ENFJ.- I like the black berry idea, and outlook, thats another thing to learn, ughh... but prob worth it. My brain is going to explode.
I am not a human computer and my memory sucks. Honestly, I feel slow, so yes I think the blackberry, or constant reminder system would be good, cause who can remember everything, there is so much.
THere is so much to learn, its going to take a lot of time I guess. I came up with an idea to first sketch it out on paper, what needs to be done, and when its due. All the jobs I'm responsible for knowing, all the descriptions of the jobs, the directions, who goes on them, what car to drive, what times I have to be back, what to do in case of emergency, list of phone numbers, patients, their service goals, their behavior issues, their medications, charting them, keeping track of med log, milage, time sheets, intake data, 37 people's names, certification books, medicaid billing plans, note taking, meetings with directors, case management, coordinating transportation, doing the job, job detals, keys, computer programs, training courses, e learning, driving clients home at the end of the day, direct patient care, planning activites, office work, incident reports, seizure reports...more
note to self-things to do Im responsible for knowing a lot, and right now I know nothing.
I want to cry. 12.00 an hour, with benes.
I AM THE ASSISTANT- I'm wondering if its too much stress, I feel like it might kill me. And winter is coming up, I don't want to drive in blizzards, and kill myself. I just don't know if I can handle all of it, or if I should give it a try and go for it. I feel like Im going to suck at it. Or fail. My boss is going to get mad and I don't like confilct. Can't avoid her cause I'm the assistant.