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    Default What's the difference betwen me and you?

    What makes me unique? Definitively, it is in how I think. Most people live their lives trapped in illusions, false beliefs, self induced ignorance. Their minds are bathed in the falsehoods the world that we cling to by mandate of our own human nature. There are aspects to human nature that are utterly immutable, that have always presented themselves throughout history in one form or another. Because of this, any rational person cannot condemn people for their inability to see the world without the clouded lenses of culture, society, belief, delusion, and illusion. To do such would be a condemnation of myself.

    Yet, while this world has infinite complexity in its many layers, and despite the fact that it is in our being to perceive the world in less than objective, self created delusions, what I seek is different. What I seek is objective, real knowledge of the world I exist in, that exists BEYOND me. What I seek is the truth in all things, without the perceptual limitations humans are prone to becoming bridled by. In my mind, the world is one interconnected whole. Every tiny part of it holding dominion over and beholden to its existential relative pieces. To me, this world has real truths beyond the bastardization of human perception, and it has truths within the contrived human world. It is the former that I exalt as king.

    Every fiber of my being, every square micrometer of my mind is dedicated to understanding the nature of that objective world and all of its intricacies. I seek the truth, and nothing may deter me from experiencing the liberation in its confounded solitude. The truth stands alone, timeless, and unmoving, forever casting its light upon the consciousness of man so that the emanation thereof may be separated and twisted to create the human world of shadowed/darkened beliefs, distorted facts, colored truths, and mirror perspectives. Not for me. I seek the source, at all costs. Even if I must abandon the world entirely, I do not walk in vain. I do not walk in darkness. I walk towards the only true light there is.

    Every bit of information I receive is processed into the web of knowledge I have worked so hard and so meticulously to create in order to perfectly match the nature of the outside world, in as much as human mind can do to approximate it. The interconnected tangle of information and concepts must match in form and purpose perfectly. If there comes a discrepancy, a point in the grand cartographer's map that gives even the slightest whimper to suggest an error, the picture held within the mind's eye must be changed. It is the prime directive that does not halt for any man or any aspect of his world. Not love, not sex, and no desire for wealth, power, status, harmony may disrupt his life's work to draw the world in immaculate form. The world exists outside of us, but for humans, that world can be recreated with the very tool that allows us "TO BE" in the first place, the brain that is the seat of consciousness.

    Not even death may stay the stroke of his pen. Contrarily, it is the angel of death who compels him to continue drawing, to move forward with the truth, lest he fall into death's embrace to feel the unrelenting, stinging plunge of its scythe. An eternal condemnation, the thrust of the sullied blade, purged of all its luster, and forged out of the ignorance of mankind, as endless and eternal as death itself.

    For most people walking upon this earth, their aim is toward shadows and dust, facing the diluted forms of the greater effulgence that give "OUR" world its form. I will have none of it. That world cannot sustain me. But we all must live there, even if we seek to go beyond it. The farthest we may reach is the purgatory that lies in between truth and illusion, but merely in seeking, we come closer to its light. The nearer we draw to it, the greater our shadows become upon the human world. Our shadow in the its glow is our power to create in the human world of illusions and darkness. And with the power to create given to us in that growing radiance, so comes the power to destroy and to wield the power of death itself. So too do we begin to shine and cast our own light upon the world, and with this, is the power to destroy and bring death to ignorance, deception, and illusion. Truth is the ultimate power of creation and destruction.

    I am different because I incorporate that light into my being as an integral part of myself, and as a form of sustenance. It is that truth that I wield to the fullest extent, in its creative and destructive powers.

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    Marry me?

    Seriously, that was beautiful. This articulates the struggle for real truth in a way I identify with strongly. I am dedicating my life to finding real truth because it is the only thing that sustains my will to live. I have nothing more to add at the moment... maybe later because my brain is screaming for rest.

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    I have to say Risen your post is beautifully thought out and well written. I very much like it but since it's in my nature to say something critical I will.

    You are not the only one who has thought this way. I have seen the difference you see in yourself to the rest of the world in other people. So you are not the only one who is 'unique'. Also when you wrote this you were in a 'moment'. A moment you realise that you realise that this is part of your life. When you are out of the 'moment' it's like a switch back to reality and you would do the normal things and chores that your life has given you. It wouldn't change much.

    Enough with my critcism. I would just like to add a nice quote from socrates
    "I know that I know nothing"

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    Well, Ragingkatsuki already got the point I would normally make here. You are not the only one with your observations. Even I have observed something similar. The reality is that you are not as purely objective as you desire yourself to be, but this desire naturally pushes you to be more objective than one without this desire. To assume you are the only one with this passion is to be fallacious.

    I appendix this note with an XKCD comic:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingkatsuki View Post
    Enough with my critcism. I would just like to add a nice quote from socrates
    "I know that I know nothing"
    "?? ???? ??? ????? ???? hen oída hoti oudén oída" more literally translates to "I know that I don't know," but even that loses a fair deal in translation. The true meaning is twofold: One cannot know anything with absolute certainty. However, this is not to say that one cannot perceive something to be certain.
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