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    I always took things apart as a child...

    It was the whole "it's not going to work again if it's dissected" mentality that eventually caused that habit to die out, for the most part. If I knew it would work again, it's getting taken apart and reassembled, probably more than once.
    If a deaf INFP falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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    i have my visions and want my toys to live up to them, in the same way a washing basin can operate as starship enterprise once you pluck it from the wall. i don't see the external potential of things, as entp do, for instance it does not cross my mind that a washing basin offers the potential to be used for washing or playing social games, like drowning your little brother. i don't have to do it, just because it's possible. my interest, my holistic vision is preceding (Ni) and i seek the puzzle pieces that are capable of filling it up. will it blend? parts are speculations. i test how they work (Te=trial and error), how they would modulate the whole thing. (if a washing basin is a starship, then my bath becomes a weird space dimension, as seen in hitchhikers guide). this way i complete my speculative understanding of the internal vertical nature of one (possibly fictional) holon of my interest, at a time, rather than inventing a plethora of horizontal random combinations by chance (by what is suggested by the actual external properties of whatever lies around).

    so its not surprising if some of my combinations don't work in reality very well. they work in my mind, because in my mind all the actual parts are symbols for something slightly different.

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    I hardly ever did this.

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