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Thread: INTJ writers?

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    Tolkien was pretty clearly INTP, especially when you compare his thought process and writing process to CS Lewis, his close friend.

    (To rule out INFP, compare Tolkien to INFP fantasists like Terry Brooks or Neil Gaiman or Madeleine L'Engle, or to INFJs like Guy Gavriel Kay or Stephen R. Donaldson or Piers Anthony.)

    Did I mention Ursula leGuin as an INTJ writer? I am pretty sure of that one, especially having attended a speaking session of hers and meeting her briefly, watching and listening to her interact.


    I have at least one Barbara Sher book at home, I remember enjoying it / finding it helpful in some ways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pelon View Post
    If you enjoy the foreign language thing, maybe you could try contracting out to do written translations.

    Everyone here should check out Barbara Sher's new book called "Refuse to Choose". It's about what she calls Scanners, which seem to be people like some of us who get bored with things after a while and are ready to move on, but feel bad about never sticking to anything for too long. I found it to be very insightful and no, she didn't ask me to write this promo.
    Lol... thanks! I'll check it out. And yes, I'd thought about translating, but I think I'd find it boring. Creating is so much more fun!

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