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    Quote Originally Posted by thisGuy View Post
    i have noticed a weird phenomenon though

    in university,
    calculus and circuit analysis comes easy to users with secondary Ni. i have seen this in ENTJ, ENFJ
    linear algebra, programming and sciences come easy to Ne dominant/secondary users. i have seen this in ENTP, INFP
    I've seen this, as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    I can only understand math as part of a system. The only way I 'get it' is if I see it in action, so I might not 'get' something until long after I 'learned' it.
    Yep. I am very good at things when I understand how they relate to other things. If I memorize a formula, I will forget it immediately after the exam. If I can apply it to something real, then I will never forget it. I am good at algebraic math and problem solving but never really cared for any other type of math until I started to really get into chem and physics.

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    I was really into linear programming at Uni and algebra generally. I seem to have skipped any real teaching on calculus... Not sure why, I think I stopped maths at high school and at Uni it was business stats I was learning.

    I used to have a 4 hour stats lecture on Fridays, I'd always end up feeling very frisky by the end of it... maybe too much left brain for me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthetic Darkness View Post
    Am I the only NT who is rubbish with math? I can't understand it at all, I was only just slightly above average in primary school and once I hit high school I become below average. I can do well in every other subject but with math...I just freeze and my mind goes blank and I feel stupid and I hate feeling stupid. No matter how hard I study I always end up making stupid little mistakes on my tests that deduct from my marks and while I don't actually fail I end up with a mark that's much lower than what I anticipated.

    I've always been under the illusion that NT's or maybe just T's in general were better with mathematics than their F counterparts but even the airhead of our grade does better on tests than I's completely humiliating because I work my ass off and she's off listening to the Jonas Brothers -_-
    I am terrible at maths, I couldn't do it to save my life. The only thing I could ever do was the shape part (flipping shapes and such) and algebra (very basic stuff thought). I also took no interest in it, which may have something to do with my being really quite bad, as well as a lack of natural ability.
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    In Geometry and Calculus, I don't have trouble. Algebra, I was only so-so. If I actually dig deeper and reason it out, it makes perfect sense to me (and I actually find it very fascinating and energizing when I visualize the logic behind it), so I actually have to think about it for a while before coming to an understanding. Peculiarly, I'm terrible at easy problems. To this day I forget 11 - 7, and problems like 214 x 1083 drive me crazy. It may be that I am able to juggle broader concepts with more ease than rote memorization.

    Most of the time, when I received/receive bad grades on a math assignment, it's either because I made a stupid mistake or just failed to read the instructions properly.
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