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    Quote Originally Posted by Luet View Post
    Someone has stolen my work and I feel pissed off. :steam:

    I have been working with this person for a year now and up till now our working relationship has been OK. Recently I have writen a plan and she has putten her name on it like it was hers, and she gave it to our superiors (of which some actually know that I have made up and writen the plan).

    The plan itself doesnít mean so much to me, it was fine not brilliant. What got crushed is my ego. By that I mean that she dared to take professional advantage of me and obviously thinks she can. This idea of her may now be confirmed because I until now havenít spoken up (she knows that I know about this).

    Now I plan to totally screw her (havenít descided exactly how yet ). Or should I just confront her? I do not feel like that at all, but we will have to remain working together.

    What would you do? Screw her or confront her????
    Tell whoever she brought the plan to. At the very least, it will probably cast her into doubt. The person who she lied to might know who's lying and who isn't, and also the style of the plan might tip them off that you're not just saying it... if you say it matter-of-factly, it probably won't come off as whiny. Also, it will tip your boss or whoever off, and they might pay more attention to her trying to find out who's right.

    Plan B would be to kill her in the middle of the night w/o leaving any evidence behind... people won't f*ck with you after that if you smile evil-like whenever she or her absence are mentioned.

    Honestly though, trying to screw her back will make you look whiny and underhanded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shimmy View Post
    If you think she did it intentionally, screw her.

    If you think there's more to it, confront her.

    After all you don't want to have misunderstandings and bad emotions mixed in the workplace, you need to have all the facts before you act. But then, if she was a bitch to you just go ahead and screw her... Because you can.
    I can't see how it could have been unintentionally. So took my name out of the 'footnote' and put hers in big kapitals at the top.

    Quote Originally Posted by Happyman View Post
    I love all of your ideas (great creativity, wonderful hatred ).


    Not to mention that she'll know that you can stand for yourself and it probably won't ever happen again. You'll have your revenge too, since she probably thought she totally got away with it already.

    That's all. Peace out. Extraverted Feeling in action.
    This is why I just won't let it go. I want her to know that I won't take it. I want others to know too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiver View Post
    Here's a more long term view. Let this nasty little incident inform you. Now you will always copy someone else when you send her, or someone like her, your good work. If you are ever in a leadership position in your career you will also be able to spot a snake like her and not be fooled.
    I wille be aware. Good advise!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiver View Post
    If you have more good work in you, spend your time on that. You're too good to waste your time on plots that ultimately diminish your own personal dignity and integrity, no matter how delicious they are. Unless of course you can find a voodoo practitioner.
    Plotting it doesn't feel good to me at all, I feel somewhat embarressed about it, 'cause somehow I feel I should be bigger then this (a conflict of moral) . 'Revange' feels good for a while right after you got it...

    Quote Originally Posted by onemoretime View Post
    The only problem with this, and it's not a bad idea, is that she's proven that she's willing to use cutthroat tactics to get ahead. By trying to negotiate, you're in a way assenting to the behavior, since she knows that if she placates you through something that is unimportant to her but important to you, she can keep doing this with relatively little penalty. Not only this, it opens her up to the knowledge that you are a threat, and thus she'll be more likely to act to counteract that threat, through various office politics bullshit.
    Maybe this is the reason why she did it in the first place: she considers me a threat. I am not, or at least I wasn't.
    She has been investing in building relations with co-workers and mine relations with them are stronger, also with some people we started to build relations with simontaniously (this spelling looks odd...) and we both greatly respect. I Never felt it to be a competition though.

    Quote Originally Posted by onemoretime View Post
    However, by taking her down and undermining her credibility, you've dealt an overwhelmingly disproportionate counterstrike. She'll know that crossing you is going to hurt her a lot more than it will you, and this will serve as a deterrent. At the very least, she won't be pulling anything as blatant as taking credit for someone else's work.
    I wanna do something this effective without crossing my own moral pricipals. I need to feel she dug her own grave.

    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    The good thing is that she has shown her true colours (assuming no explanation) on a fairly minor piece of work, and gotten little real credit for it if your superiors know what's really going on. She might've waited for a more important piece of work to steal and covered her tracks better. At least now you know that you can't trust her and can make sure you leave a paper-trail with your work.

    Thanks for all of your advise. After chewing on the matter I just know I won't let it go. . I will probbably take my time to subtlely undermine her.:rolli:
    I have already figured out my first move and will improvise from there on.

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    Thought this thread had to do with actual screwing.

    /leaves diappointed

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