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    Default Your favorite paradoxes

    One of my favorite paradoxes could be told as a story like this:

    Teacher: You're going to take a surprise test some day next week. I won't tell you which day it's gonna be!
    Student 1 to student 2: Ha! I know how it's going to be.
    Student 2: How?
    Student 1: well, there's only five days the test could be taken in. It can't be on Friday, as it's the last opportunity, and it wouldn't be a surprise then. It can't be on Thursday, as continuing the reasoning, it couldn't be a surprise then.
    Student 2: So it couldn't be Wednesday, Thursday..
    Student 1: Right on! It couldn't be on Monday! So, It can't be on any day of the week.
    Student 2: In other words, there can be no surprise test!
    Student 1: That's right.

    (next Tuesday)
    Teacher: You're taking the surprise test today.
    Student 1: Hey! That's wrong! We've found out there can't be a surprise test on any day of week.
    Teacher: was this a surprise to you?
    Student 1,2:

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    You'll recognise this if your married.

    Liberal paradox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Decisions, decisions.

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