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Thread: Ti and Art

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    I don't know...some art, especially music, just automatically resonates with me. The whole song (or film, or even painting) and its individual parts all speak to me on a certain level. That being said, I often find myself at a loss as to why I should be appreciating certain works when they don't mean anything to me, or make me feel a certain way. Like that metal sculpture that Paperoceans posted above...I have no idea why I should appreciate that on any level. But I don't think I'm somehow less capable of being moved by a work of art that I find beautiful because I am an INTP, and I don't think that analyzing a work makes me like it more or less if I had already come to a judgment about it (well, maybe more).
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    That painting reminds me of something that happened back when I was still in college and my parents came to visit. We have an art museum on campus, and, seeing as how my INFP mom was an art major, I thought I'd take them to look at.

    One of the installations was basically a white wall or canvas with a lot of "threads" dribbled over it. Think of using cake frosting to create a kind of "spaghetti" look.

    Needless to say, I didn't get it, but my mom thought it was brilliant. Something about the texture.

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