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    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    Aw, I have a few mins to waste before I go out again, so here's my topic: (tada!)

    I tend to always fall into these behavioral patterns when I meet someone new and truly geniunely like them I will nontheless end up calling them less and less to the point I basically forget to call them back like, ever. I also never seem to miss people. So I do realise it gives me a competitive advantage in terms of not being the average needy guy but that's not what i'm trying to say here.

    My point is, I guess, that I still like them, it's just that apparently my liking of people isn't what stimulates me into talking/sharing with them.

    And even my oldest friends, whom i absolutly adore deep within generally sort of bore me as it always falls back into the same patterns.

    For example my bestest friend's and my main activity together is to fucking walk the dogs for 2 hours while discussing stuff, we never party together, we have totally different circles of friends and acquaintances and we don't do each others birthday parties. Yet we both agree that we're each other's best friends.

    I'm thinking about changing that for the sake of remodeling myself not sure in which way i'll go though: I can either just, accept that as my nature and accelerate the process or look for new kinds of interactions and ways to get to know people.

    I'll probably try both ways and compartimentalize as it's what i do best.

    what about other entps ? Do you guys recognize your own "quests for human bonding" in there ?
    I can sign that to the point.

    It took me about 25 years to actually find out about the way how I am dealing with people and it was mainly made clear to me because it became an issue to my girlfriend. She accused me of that it seems like I'ld live two lifes, cause when we both dont see each other its like I wouldnt exist at all (as in I dont message her, call her or make her feel my presence in any other way).

    As a matter of fact I dont do that on purpose and I never realized truly that this is an issue at all.

    I went back in time in my head to scan how I conducted my friendships with other people and some things I experienced in the past began to make sense. For example: I had a very good friend, I knew from the day I started going to school. We had the same way to school so we saw each other every day. He is infp I would guess. When school ended and he started an education, while I went to University, he messaged me something everyday, most of the times an URL to some funny thing or a youtube video. That way he mantained constant presence and contact.

    As another matter of fact he is the guy I picked up my habit from to message people random links to maintain contact. It's like you see a video, think of someone and sends it to him with the true intention to show him that you thought of him. When I but one day stopped to do that with my old friend, cause own life issues brought me in other dimensions of thought, our relationship grew bad. And nowadays he meets me like and old pal, but we both feel like not knowing shit about the other and the most funny thing is other people make me feel that I dont know shit about a guy I know for 13 years, cause they communicate more often with him than I do.

    That would be the theisis of my speech here:

    "The bourgeois thinks having a friendship means to be in constant contact with each other." ( And given the plain meaning of the sentence, how else should a sensor acquire data about a person besides virtually sharing the persons life ?! )

    That's a good thing you said there eck, it's a thing that bugs me too and did lead to the fact that I never really had a close friend. I envy you to have someone who shares the same way of communicating like you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justxher View Post
    Good, then you'll die alone as I hoped.

    I win.
    sucks that winning for you must come through hope

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