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    Default Am I an INTP? An INTJ? An ISTP? How do I tell?


    So sometimes I can't help but doubt my type, and wonder if I'm just a weird case of one, or just a normal case of another exhibiting behavior of one.


    I've always been lazy. Until I started college I was extremely messy. Now, I'm bordering on OCD.

    I'm still lazy. I'm always late. I always have a good excuse, lol, but late is late.

    I'm not particularly judgmental. Well, I don't think I'm judgmental, others disagree. What I do find, however, is that I'm not particularly accepting of new information once I've come to a conclusion, or made up a plan. That is, if I consider something over and decided, and someone comes along and makes a suggestion, I find myself uncontrollable blurting out "that idea is bullshit" to the person who made the suggestion. I don't really think before I speak sometimes, and its this really weird moment during which my reserved nature just goes out the window, and I start blurting out a great deal of BS. Pretty much, I don't consider other opinions very well. Eventually, I find a quiet place and I think about the things that others have said, and then it begins to become acceptable, and I'm not as jumpy to reject the ideas/info anymore.

    I say I dont think I'm judgmental, and I do believe that. But even then, there are those cases where I jump to conclusions about situations and people, when I really do not have any right to do so. Mostly, I jump to call people stupid. Also, I find that if I'm in charge of a project or have involved myself in something that I enjoy, then I'm EXTREMELY inflexible: everything has to be done properly, timely, and without question. If someone is even the slightest bit off the mark of perfection, then I get all stupid and loud, when I really should just be keeping my mouth shut.

    I live with a really messy roommate, and it really annoys the shit out of me. I'm not OCD, or super clean, but the shit I'm seeing behind me is just bullshit.

    I'm critical, but then that's just a thing.

    Actually, that's the main reason I wonder if I'm some type other than I think I am: what other people think of me.

    I had my sister take a similarminds test, and I told her to pretend as though she were me. She got ISTJ for my type.

    I get the cold, stuck-up, stiff, asshole comments all the time. Didn't really think much of them (suggesting that I'm some other type than I think I am) at first, but now I'm starting to wonder.

    Anyway, let me cut the ramble short, and get to the point: how do I determine which type I am?

    I don't think I'm a J, because of the laziness, untimeliness, and the only average level of organization, but then there is this other shit. What of it?

    I don't think I'm an S, because I'm not really in tune with things (I'm oblivious most of the time), but then I'm not really very creative or futuristic in the way I think. I'm always criticizing straightforward, or "follow convention" ideas, but that's just because I'm being a dumbass. Usually, when I go back and assess the situation, I see that the "tried and true" method is actually the best way to go. Actually, I think that the only reason I ever started promoted all this "push the limits" thinking in the first place was that I found out I was an N, and also that N's do that sort of thing. heh.

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    Lots of Js are lazy/late/disorganized but this is more likely that they're not living in their natural state and are stressed under these conditions (though they may not know it; also remember that the J/P divide is a gradient).

    I think the easiest question to ask is this: does schedule/routine set you free, or does it chain you down?

    When I am working in a schedule and functioning well inside of it, my insides are more calm. i can see where my free time is going to come, i feel more at peace with myself when i know i'm doing x on saturday, y saturday night, and z on sunday. i like to know what's coming ahead of time; it stresses me to have surprises sprung on me even if i would enjoy them (i.e. people randomly showing up at my place).
    *You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.
    *Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods.
    C.S. Lewis

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    Thanks for the input? Do you have any other questions or prods in the right direction? I couldnt really answer that initial question (if a schedule sets me free, or chains me down-- I don't really know).

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    For what it's worth, I could have written that word-for-word.

    It's not worth much because I had the hardest time deciding my type, and I still see INTP and INTJ facets of myself. Even IxFP facets for that matter. ISTP is what I'm going with for now because it seems to fit best, but it's possible that I'm wrong.

    But the calling people stupid, the perfectionism about your own projects, the getting annoyed at messy people, that's all me. I'm oblivious a lot of the time too, in fact I have a bit of a reputation for it with my friends, lol.

    Why don't you read this and see if it rings true?

    ISTP - Introverted Thinking with Sensing

    edit: also this is an article on telling INTP from INTJ from ISTP. You might find it helpful.


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    ISTP - Bruce Lee

    INTP - Albert Einstein

    INTJ - Stephen Hawking

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