1. Quality Time (For me personally, if you truly care, you don't mind spending time with me, whether it be in an activity, talking, or sitting in silence. Time is, as they say, of the essence.)

2. Words of Affirmation (I'm my own harshest critic, and am often that way towards others. Words of affirmation are extremely important to me, though I'll never ask for them, or even do the passive-aggressive, "Do I look fat in this" compliment-mongering.)

3. Acts of Service (I'm fiercely independent when it comes to doing things, but if someone persists in attempting to help me, I have a respect for it.

3. Physical Touch (Nice, not necessary. However, this is ranked the same as acts of service for me, simply because I feel like it. )

4. Receiving Gifts (Material items aren't that important to me, as long as I can subsist on whatever it is I have. Also, too many gifts make me feel as though they're bribing me, and I highly dislike that.)