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    Default The Unspoken Truth about Managing Geeks

    Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks

    I would say that the author gives a pretty spot-on description of the NT.
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    I'm not going to fight you on that Blank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blank View Post
    Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks

    I would say that the author gives a pretty spot-on description of the NT.
    Yes I think that's true, and I would add that he actually has stumbled on how to lead all people in general, not just IT's or NT's or whatever. All people want to follow someone that they can trust. They should be trustworthy with respect to both competence and character. However NT's put the greatest emphasis on a person's competence. Therefore they will have the hardest time working under someone they view as incompetent.

    If you want to look at people in IT specifically I think the biggest conflicts usually come when relating to a non-IT manager. IT managers have the skills that their coworkers will respect, and they also give more respect to their IT coworkers, because they can relate to their experiences. When a non-IT manager is over some IT's there is often mutual disrespect.
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    As someone who works in IT, I found this pretty accurate (if probably biased - but hey, it fits with *my* bias ). Especially the following:

    So when the rules are loose and logical and supervision is results-oriented, supportive and helpful to the process, IT pros are loyal, open, engaged and downright sociable. Arbitrary or micro-management, illogical decisions, inconsistent policies, the creation of unnecessary work and exclusionary practices will elicit a quiet, subversive, almost vicious attitude from otherwise excellent IT staff.

    If you need someone to keep track of where projects are, file paperwork, produce reports and do customer relations, hire some assistants for a lot less money.
    Liquid_Laser makes some very good points. Everyone wants to be respected, and everyone wants to work for someone in whom they can trust. And IT folks in particular can really get into some ugly tussles with (particularly non-IT) management. Mostly because, at least in my experience, the priorities are different. I know that it sounds biased to say it... but it seems like the IT folks are focusing on *getting* things done - and management often is focusing on *justifying* what was done, why, and how. The more focus management places on "meta-work", the worse things get, at least behind the scenes.

    Anyway, I'll get off of my soapbox - clearly an issue that pushes all of my buttons .

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    kool article. Very interesting and I agree about it applying to all NTs rather than just IT people.
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