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    They are phenomenal lovers

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    They kill you with kindness.

    They catch your tears in their cups of compassion (size: Double Ds) and drinks it all without batting an eye.

    Their humility overshadows their compassion.

    Their voice calls lost sailors back from sea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    Yes, I find them to be kind people.
    Also loyal in their way, and
    they don't hold a grudge
    Totally untrue! I hold a few grudges!

    Not for good reasons. Actually usually it's for something obviously dumb that even I know is silly and pointless. I don't hold grudges over things that make sense =3

    As for there being "no" bad traits for ENTP's? Hardly, though all the 'bad' ones are good in their own way too... pitiful attention span can be irritating at times, but it also tends to be due to ease of seeing connections between random stuff as well, which can be highly beneficial at times.

    That being said, I think it's less so than that we have no flaws, but rather, that we're more consciously aware of them usually, and put them to our advantage. Being argumentative is generally bad; using that argumentative tenancy to invoke change for the better by arguing against bad ideas, or for improvement, however, is pretty useful. I know personally if I'm in a group, and we're working on some project or something, I'm going to be playing quality control in one form or another... but it's due to twisting the negative traits to be useful in the proper situations.

    As such, I doubt it's the lack of flaws, but just knowing when to make proper use of each trait at the right time.

    Also, Oberon, yeur story was <3

    As for funeral songs!

    [YOUTUBE=""]Long Night - Rawlin's Cross[/YOUTUBE]

    That one first, followed by:

    [YOUTUBE=""]That's Death - Opening credits to Discworld 2[/YOUTUBE]

    Figure something to relax and evoke emotional response, while providing consolation, then to elicit a bit of humour. I don't feel like having people feeling bad; I mean if I'm dead, I'm not around to care, so it's not like it's for me. Get the mourning over with, then remember the good stuff. And try to forget I owed yeu money. >.>;

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    We're great at talking, I'll tell you that much.

    Back in 7th grade I was the dirtiest, horniest mofo on the block. Someone once told me how crazy it was, though, that I could tell a bunch of dirty jokes to every single girl but I was the only one that didn't get slapped for it.

    Give me an audience and I'll conquer it.

    I think our sheer propensity to lean towards the bold is also one of the greatest things about us.

    But, God... a depressed ENTP is just fucked up. It's not meant to be.

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    ENTPs are the coolest rationals.

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