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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJ123 View Post
    Let the hate consume you join the dark side onewithsoul, the evil NT dark side.
    (joins dark side)

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    Some of you are missing my point. I'm probably not being specific enough.

    We were talking about To Kill a Mockingbird, for instance, and it happens to be a book I thoroughly enjoyed. But instead of being able to express this, the discussion came with some boos and groans. They said it was poorly written, and shouldn't be a prized piece of literature as it's plot is ridiculous because it happened to be one of the authors only published works.

    I mean...seriously? Are you just saying that because you didn't find it interested? Do they not like to admit something was boring, but find the need to rationalize and use the excuse that it was poorly written to cover up this?
    My GOD I have never heard so much whining in a post if you do not like their opinions on so-and-so than REFUTE IT. Stop sitting there with that dazed and confuse look on your face and state your opinions on whatever it is that you disagree with. If they are true NTs they would be able to give you detailed examples of WHY they did not like the following reading. The thing about growing up is learning when and how to voice your opinion.

    And why do you care anyway? Life lesson number two, people have different views on things and don't get so butthurt if someone doesn't agree with you. Agree to disagree and move on.

    If you loved the book, then say it. And this kind of shit does not end in high school, it happens even more so in college. Stand yo' ground hommie.
    Between that cigarillo and sticking my finger down my throat to see if I could DT, I feel like puking RN.

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