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    Quote Originally Posted by INTPness View Post
    LOL. I didn't mean to make anyone's head hurt. The reason I posed those types of questions was simply because the OP asked for "N" questions. If the OP had said, "I need questions suited for N's and S's (a mixed crowd)", then I would have answered differently.

    Edit: For what it's worth, I went back and read my 4 mind-numbing questions and they seem to be pretty basic, straightforward questions that could be answered very simply or with a lot of thought, depending on the preference of the person answering them.
    Yeah, I know that they ARE great "N" questions and I wasn't saying they shouldn't be included on the survey. I just meant that she might want to mix it up, since she mentioned in one of her posts that she was having a hard time with "S" questions.

    Your questions aren't too bad. I'm not totally dumb, I promise. It was mainly the last one I was thinking about...if I saw that on a survey or application it would stress me out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SciVo View Post
    Jesus Christ.

    Okay. Try starting with, "Who are you?" Other good ones are, "What's important to you?" and "What do people find interesting about you?"
    If I sat down and said to someone, "...Who are you?" ..
    #1) They would feel like I was a therapist and they were a patient.
    #2) They would be pulled into so many ways that they wouldn't know how to answer.. I am a female? I am a child. I am a musician. I am a college student.

    I am trying to ask questions to find answers to support that thesis statement about them. Upon their answers, I will DISCOVER who they are. Simply asking someone that question won't give a person justice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrldisquiethere View Post
    I just meant that she might want to mix it up...
    Totally agree.

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