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    Default The day in the life of NT.

    Ok, here's a scenario that pretty much shows how I (we) think versus how other people tend to think....

    Example: There's a photograph of a bridge that is close to the water that crosses a harbour/inlet, and half way across it actually drops downwards and turns into a tunnel that goes below the water and comes out the other side of the of the harbour.

    Visually it looks very spectacular.

    All sensors surrounding me are saying, wow that’s pretty cool, but that would cost a lot.. Especially as a architectural statement. (Signifying that is what it has been designed for).

    ME... Doh, just maybe it’s more cost effective to run the bridge close to the waterline and drop it into a tunnel to allow freedom of ship movement. Maybe the low lying bridge also acts as a breakwater for boats.

    That’s the difference, we think of all the permutational reasons for the existence of something versus the sensors that just follow a straight line of thinking and hit the dead end exit in their thought processes.

    Anyone else keen to express other situations where you see this type of "thinking"?

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    This actually happened last spring...

    Standing on the side of a mountain in Canada, looking out over a spectacular forest and lake and mountain view.

    INFJ: It's so awesome, so romantic. I could sit here all day and imagine all the people that have been here, like when the pilgrims first came, what would they have felt about it, I wonder? I'd love to be a fly on the wall and watch them building their first settlements.
    INFP: Or a bird flying over the whole mountain and seeing my reflection in the lakes below...
    INTP: It's actually a glacier over there, not a mountain, and you wouldn't be able to see your reflection in it because the refraction index due to erosion by the wind is substantially reduced.
    Me: Yeah... but the trees are all the freakin' same. Can we do some skiing?
    ENTJ: Yeah! I'm totally gonna bust your ass on those slopes.
    ENFP: Check out my boots - ski stabilizers dudes, your asses are mine!
    INTJ: [sets off, purposefully and silently]

    [later, in the cabin, over hot chocolate]

    ENTJ: [sulk, sulk, plot, sulk]
    ENFP: Well, I wasn't trying to win anyway, I was just testing the new ski stabilizers and I'm not used to them yet anyway.
    INFJ: Well done INTJ, well done you!
    INTJ: Are there any chocolate sprinkles?
    INFP: Here, have mine, you've earned them! Too bad about your ankle, ENTP - I guess it's back to the drawing board with that improved waxing theory...
    Me: [strapping up ankle and about to go out for another go] No it's okay, I know what I did wrong last time, I think I've got it figured now...
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    The thing that really irks me the most, is when there's a problem and nobody has a solution or even an attempt at a second best solution.

    Its like, if I'm taking a course of action then I've always thought about the mitigating course of action on the ability to retrench. (Its one of the reason why I think INTJ's are If I was walking in the outdoors into an unkown place... I'd have my wits about me.)

    An interesting thread would be about morals and the INTJ. Maybe more a long the lines of ethical morals. Just that I've seen the potential to what I'd call "unjustly benefit" from less perceptive/aware people and felt that efffectively robbing "candy from a baby" is just plain wrong....

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