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89. You may not vote on this poll
  • Ice cream

    37 41.57%
  • Anger

    25 28.09%
  • 37

    39 43.82%
  • Orange

    31 34.83%
  • IQ

    45 50.56%
  • God

    27 30.34%
  • Country

    12 13.48%
  • Cheese

    30 33.71%
  • Lethargy

    24 26.97%
  • Sexuality

    37 41.57%
  • Persistance

    27 30.34%
  • Fun

    32 35.96%
  • $#&$

    44 49.44%
  • Belief

    26 29.21%
  • Evil

    32 35.96%
  • Workplace

    12 13.48%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I picked Orange

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    Looks like a random trial for the results so far
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Outsider View Post
    Not so.
    Yes there is. There's some of it missing with the birth of Jesus. Hence, lack thereof! :P
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    I chose all of them except Country and Workplace

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    I chose:

    37 - Cause it's different being a number.
    Orange - I have no reason besides why not?
    Cheese - No explanation is necessary, it's cheese. I like cheese.
    Fun - Cause it's so
    $#&$ - Cause sometimes my last option in a multiple choice poll doesn't register and I wanted to make sure fun got my vote.

    I hope cheese wins!

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    mostly my concern in life... avoid boredom, have fun
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    I picked Ice cream, Anger, IQ, Lethargy, $#&$ and Evil for no particular reason at all whatsoever...
    Born to Lurk

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    The results:

    It's been long enough that this's fallen off the front page now on the forums (except SP's who apparantly don't have a large enough population to actually push threads off even if they haven't been touched in days).

    These results are obviously not going to be especially clear due to the fact that different personality types will handle the information better than others (some will try to be accurate, some will try to disrupt it, but honestly that's fine as will be seen below).

    The main purpose of this is just to see whot people react strongly to; it doesn't matter if yeu LOVE something, or HATE it, yeu may choose only one or the other, or both, but the best guess (probably inaccurate on my part though) is that people of a similar thought process style (nt/nf/etc) will likely pick things with a similar belief style, in that most will pick either their preferred answers, or if a group is likely to attempt to disrupt it, they'll generally pick the ones they dislike, but as a whole should be semi accurate due to such.

    In any case! The ones which are median in general shall be mostly ignored, they obviously weren't strongly enough reacted to for enough people to care one way or another, in which case it implies it's a personal decision more than anything else (excepting people who pick ones which haven't, assumming they checked the list before answering, bad test breakers! BAD! )

    Note that I didn't vote (even on my own NT one), because it'd be a biased view. I chose the choices for several reasons, but I probably would've had to pick all of them XD This would've screwed up the results, soooo I had to avoid it.

    NF: 59 total votes
    NT: 69 total votes
    SP: 15 total votes
    SJ: 20 total votes

    Ice cream: Everyone loves ice cream! (Except the lactose intollerant) However, the SP's seemed to like it alot more than the NT's. The other groups were average enough to not seem all that important however. Best guess is the NT's react less well to ice cream due to it's lack of mental stimulation (even if it is tasty), and SP's prefer it for its' sensory input? Can't be certain either way to be truthful, but it is a bit interesting nontheless.

    Anger: Didn't really expect anyone to care for this, though I was admittedly surprised to see that the discrepency that NF's would be 300% more likely to pick it than SJ's. Whether they're more prone to being angry, or just have stronger irritation at it is anyone's guess though.

    37: Numerical, it represented a hard piece of tangible data. As expected, the NT's latched heavily onto it. SJ's didn't care about a random number without context to place it in at all.

    Orange: too similar to really matter, less than 50% deviation can be accounted for by just personal preferance.

    IQ: I expected this one to be far higher for some types than others. That everyone was within 40-46% is a bit bizzare. I'd really expected this to be more closely related to 37's data.

    God: Implications of religion are obvious here. I wasn't surprised to see NT's have it so low on their list, due to the mode of thought in which case there's generally more emphasis on understanding (which goes against the mere premise of faith usually), however I expected other types to be a bit higher on the scale. It's strange, that for the states, only 15% of people are athiest, I expected the numbers in general to reflect this, but I suppose it may better show how strongly people are to put emphasis on faith in their decisions. That being said, NT's got the lowest at 27.54, SJ's the highest at 45.00%.

    Country: I realized after I posted the polls I should've used nation. Or nationalism. Country could just as easily be considered country music. In the end, everyone was ~15% with little deviation.

    Cheese: If there's one thing this test has shown, it's that SP's LURVE their cheese! By an immense factor compared to everyone else. Why? I have no idea! Perhaps they think the test is cheezy (as some stated XD ...And they're right ^^ ) or perhaps they just found it to be silly enough to go with it. ONe would've expected cheese to be related similar to ice cream overall, despite a different flavour, yet strangely, NT's and SJ's seemed to like cheese more, proportionately, than the others. If we assume ice cream:cheese ratios, NF got 2.5, NT's got 1.3, SJ's got 1.2, and SP's got 2.4. These values would be how much more people chose ice cream than cheese. It's an odd division there, one which I can't fully explain.

    Lethargy: Unsurprisingly, the NF's and NT's seemed to pick this twice as often as the S's did. Hard work seems to be far more of a physical preferance for S's, while mental stimulation can occur despite being lazy about it.

    Sexuality: The numbers here were fairly consistant, other than for the SJ's who were notably lower than most. Hard to really tell if they were just uncomfortable with the subject, or just don't care one way or another. Best guess is it's just something expected to be private, but I could be misunderstanding that easily as well.

    Persistance: Everyone got 45-55%. Except NT's. Is anyone surprised by this? Probably not, NT mindset being that if something isn't working, why waste time and effort on it when yeu could be instead trying things from a different angle.

    Fun: I'm very disappointed in the NT's XD Fun? No FUN!? The S's love fun! Even the NF's are about halfway fun, but the NT's just don't seem to care :O Is it being picky over the terminology? (nt's likely to quibble over definition..) or is it moreso just expecting it to the point that it's considered normal? It could of course just be that everyone other than the entp's are ruining out numbers! *Shakefist* Or it could mean absolutely nothing. Who knows, it's a strange discrepency. Overall I'm far more interested in that "FUN", of all things, got beat out by ice cream. Yeu'd think that ice cream would be an extension of this O.o Seriously, SJ's are the ONLY ones who consider ice cream more important than fun. >.>

    $#&$: intentionally chosen so that it looks like a curse word, or just gibberish, it was left to people to decide whot to do with it. I seriously wasn't expecting the SP's to be 60% and SJ's to be 10% though, that's a bizzare dispairity in mindset on the matter.

    Belief: Another extension to 'god' but without the religious context directly applied. Oddly, SP's don't put much faith in belief, whereas SJ's do. The S split on that was quite surprising, honestly. Then again, not so much surprised that NT's don't put much faith in belief, nor that NF's do.

    Evil: this one was admittedly more amusement on my part, I wanted a counter to 'god' without being so direct on the matter. The numbers were never really THAT high... but even so, NT's got nearly triple the score of the SP's. I guess NT's just are more likely to either consider the broader implications, hate the term, or maybe we're just evil. I'd go with the latter myself, or at the very least, the ENTP's generally love to play devil's advocate, which would be tilting the scales a bit =3

    Workplace: Noone really likes work. Well that's not really true, some people define themselves by their work. Looking at the numbers here, and that SJ's are about 250% more likely to choose it than anyone else, I'm going to guess that the SJ's are far more into relating themselves to their work than others. If there's going to be a workaholic, chances are they'll be an SJ looks like. Most likely there's a very specific type at that which's likely nudging the numbers that way.

    Overall: This was partially a method of understanding people as a whole better, to see how the types were more likely to react to others, and to help me get a better understanding of which parts are likely to be personal preferance, and which are more likely to be related to type. I'm still a bit new to the whole types thing in general, but I can't agree with the strict belief that everyone automatically has set beliefs on everything based on their type... obviously this's not the case, or we'd just be 16 variations of clones, and everyone of a type would be identical, regardless of personal experience and so on. After actually going through this, I think it's supported that belief a bit more as well. There are SOME things which will be trends in certain mindsets, but there are also SOME which will be personal values.

    That being said, however, this did provide some interesting insights. To be honest, I'm still having issues differentiating the SJ's from the SP's, since they're kind of external to my own understanding of things... the rather powerful differences in some of these though did help clear that up some. The whole "Judgement" and "percieving" thing is alot more clear to me now as a whole, rather than just abstract. It's just easier to learn things with examples and multiple referance sources I find, and this's helped a great deal for myself in that regard =3

    To everyone who voted, and participated, I give yeu all my thanks, I know it's a bit silly of a poll, but it actually did help me understand each of yeur mindsets a little better, so thanks muchly for the help. I hope yeu each enjoyed the test, or at least enjoyed complaining about the methodology XD

    Yes, it obvious wasn't the best designed one ever, however, the concept of getting to see people's opinions on generic concepts, without having them bickering over the nuances of how it was worded, or how it applies in a situation, is rather nice data to have, even if notoriously unreliable.

    In any case! Thanks again, and for the forums I'd not previously stepped into, I appologise once again for the rather bizzare and random first post, but am delighted so many chose to help out regardless ^^

    And for those pulling their hair out, sometime in the next week I intend to write a post about the 'yeu' thing, to clear things up. Imma dump it into my signature, so it should be easier to find once it's there. I know some will diagree with the explainations (there's alot of them), but such is the way of things! Some people are purists, regardless of the topic, and just can't accept deviation regardless of reasoning. Follow the letter of the law, not the concept thereof I suppose. But such is the way of things. We can argue about that later, I just wanted to mention that I'll be giving explaination soon enough so people can stop pulling their hair out. Or at least feel justified in doing so. (Please don't comment on the 'yeu' thing for this post, stick to the poll data please ^^ We'll have lots of time to bicker about my spelling soon enough, save up yeur rants for then XD )

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    I picked everything except Belief, Country, Orange and Anger, based on what words amused me.

    I could go for some ice cream.

    Teacher (Idyllic), ESE-IEI (Si-ESFj), SLue|I|, Sanguine-Melancholy
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    I chose fun. xD

    edit: why do you keep spelling " you " as " yeu" ... its sort of annoying ><

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