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    Default Music preferances for NT's in general

    Was going to make a music one eventually anyway but SOMEONE beat me to it, and had to go make it INTP only >.>

    Bastages the lot of them.

    Well this post is... filled with awesome. Yes it is. Because I am here. I was going to bring my ego but it couldn't fit into a single post, so I put a lampshade on its' head and made it sit outside and try to act innocent.

    While it's busy getting into trouble, let's spend this moment to go over the purpose of this post:

    Basically, everyone individually likes different musics, this's more than apparant, however, trying to determine which types of musics people like is far more difficult. I'm not even sure if NT's as a whole have general preferances, or if it's more based on the individual denominations, or whot.

    Soooo let's try to figure it out a bit here by trying to list each genre yeu can think of, and if there's any particular preferances.

    For myself, personally, I like a little of almost anything, as I run by the assumption that every artist and genre has the capability of at least ONE good song, though it's exceedingly rare to find a band where I like ALL their songs (hasn't fully happened yet). This's always left me wondering wth's up with fangirls and such that go completely nuts when yeu don't absolutely idolize EVERY SINGLE SONG by an artist just because it's by that artist, no matter how much it sucks in comparison to all their other stuff... whot's up with the brand-name label crap on music? Shouldn't yeu just like it because it sounds good? >.>;;

    But anyways, there are several genres and artists of which I rarely ever find fault with.


    Mike Oldfield
    Rawlins' Cross
    Aqua (don't ask)
    Pet Shop Boys
    New Order
    Missing Heart


    80's rock
    synthetic metal
    disco (yes, it's sad, I know)
    video game remixes (oc remix 4tw)
    Eurobeat girlbands
    Various traditional rock mixtures (Kagrra, rawlins' cross, great big sea, etc)

    Preferances: Changes upon mood heavily. In a happy mood, often will want something flighty and upbeat, but with an overly strong beat to it at that. In a bit of a mildly hyper mood will be looking for more like nordic metal, when trying to relax, instrumentals and ambiant are preferred. Seems pretty heavily influenced by the moment, and even setting up a playlist is near impossible because by the time it's halfway through the list, my preferances have changed to want something else already. Makes things difficult to predict in advance.

    So for everyone else, is this even remotely similar or is there a huge difference here?

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    I'm very strange with my musical taste... I grew up in a musical family so I'm very critical when I'm ACTUALLY listening to a piece. Otherwise, I like for the music to go with what else is going on in the room. Ambient is a good way to put it. If the music sticks out from the surroundings then I will notice it and think of it in a critical way and the little details of the music become more consuming than whatever I'm supposed to be doing.

    I know I gave you no answer whatsoever but I don't like rock music at a restaurant when I'm trying to have a calm/quiet dinner, rock music is for cleaning the house. Classical is for driving (I have road rage). Zydeco music is for drinking beer and eating good food. It all has a place for me. Except Emo... which I guess belongs in High School... where I never want to be again.

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    No country, polka, or gospel/religious. Everything else is fine.

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    I like to listen to

    Celtic Punk
    Street Punk
    Classic Rock (70's-80's)
    Electric Blues
    Scottish Pirate ok one song Wenches and Mead by Alestorm lol
    Speed Metal
    Folk/Folk Rock
    Rap You Have Probably Never Heard Of It May Not Be Rap-(Scroobius Pip)
    Minimalist Acoustic Rock, i have a fondness for female vocals and male backup/plays the guitar, (Baby Bitch By Disco Witch Hunt)
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    I like the glorious music of Richard Wagner.

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    I like Shoegaze/Dream Pop a lot.
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    I'm wildly fond of everything Pink Floyd has ever done.

    Other than that, I like music that takes me places. If you've ever played Audiosurf, yeah, that's what goes on in my head when I really listen to music.
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    Honestly I'll listen to anything, the stranger the better :P A lot of people I know don't understand how I could have Underoath on my ipod along with Debussy, or african cultural music along with Japanese music. I have an open mind so I'll listen to anything but the one genre you'll never hear me listening to is commercialized rap, its disgusting I love rap in general but this Souljah Boy crap can just kiss my left ass cheek.
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    I like nearly all genres of music, but I find myself listening to some genres more than others.

    1. Goa/Psy Trance & Psybient
    2. 70's Progressive Rock
    3. 60's Psychedelic Rock
    4. Hardrock
    5. Bluesrock
    6. Techno

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    It's easier to name things I don't like than things I do:

    Country with Pop influences (bluegrass-influenced or rock-influenced country is okay)
    Big-band stuff
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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