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I would take ENFJ above ENTJ. Trouble is I have very strong opinions, so if mine and the ENTJ's opinions aren't the same as mine or they don't manage to win me over to their worldview, I will find their opinionated nature unbearable and they will find my constant opposition unbearable.

ENFJ though, epically manipulates me, bring it on!
I'd take ENFJ over ENTJ too. I just can't deal very well with opinionated people (I am NOT saying that all ENTJ's are opinionated; an ENFJ is just less likely to be opinionated than an ENTJ, in my opinion).

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First off, I hate my father. He is an incredibly unhealthy ISTJ.
Secondly, girls who loathe their fathers are most likely to marry guys who are opposite of their fathers...which would be an ENFP, which I'm cool with. I get along with them the most, tied with INTPs.
Hey, I have an unhealthy ISTJ father too!

But nah, I'm not sure if I can take on an ENFP on a regular basis (as a romantic partner; ENFP friends are kewl). ENFP bounciness tends to wear me out after a while.