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Thread: Me VS. School

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    Bill gate had a plan, I don't have a genius plan. I just want to work at a company and get paid. To do that i need a degree. Failure is not an option for me

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    Eh, school was easy.

    Step 1: Get in good with the popular kids

    Step 2: Copy from the same kids that they do

    Step 3: ???

    Step 4: PROFIT!

    Seriously though, I am 89% I and I did fine.


    I went to a small private junior high for advanced / special needs kids, then transferred to a large (3000+) public HS full of rich cocky SoCal kids. I had literally no social skills or friends when I started.

    I never took shit from anyone or try to impress anyone and when people in my classes got to know me and picked up on the witty shit I would say they appreciated it all the more which drew me out pretty quickly.

    A lot of my teachers still remember me, I was the asshole that would call them out when they were spewing BS, get A's on my tests w/o studying at all, fall asleep in the back of class, come in half-baked almost everyday, and scheme for my less-than-intelligent friends to pass with decent grades. I would let them cheat all they wanted, making sure to tell them that I didn't study and had no idea how well I would do. It probably helps that I had 12th grade reading comprehension when I was in 3rd grade.

    Papers were somewhat easy. I was lucky my dad is a published author and taught me how to write well when I was young (organize my thoughts, cut the fluff, add detail appropriately, sentence structure, syntax, etc...). I would spend 2-3 hours on a rough-draft, get a 90-100% on it and be done. Most the time only the first two paragraphs were about the prompt, I would go off on some tangent about something completely unrelated for 2-3 paragraphs, conclude, then be done. It kept the teacher entertained, as long as they knew I understood what was going on they didn't really care. I only got called out on this method once and that was by my freshman English teacher (she also taught AP English), I think her exact words were, "You are a hilarious writer, I got 2/3 of the way through and I was cracking up, but then I remembered that this is supposed to be a serious paper, and that you weren't even talking about the topic." I still convinced her to give me a 90% on that w/o a rewrite.

    Group work was the worst until I figured out that everyone else was either [A] Stupid and thought they were smart, [B] Stupid and knew they were stupid, [C] Actually smart and knew it, or [D] Smart but had no confidence so thought they were stupid / wouldn't say anything. If you are D or C get in a group of Bs, most group work is easy and monotonous, if they know you are smart they gladly let you lead, assign someone else to write and either divide the questions up and tweak their answers (giving yourself the easiest question of course), or have them pay you in either drugs, cash, or liquor (I did about $40 a person per project, always CASH. Get the money up front, never trade for an invite to a party or some other non-material favor, and never EVER do it for free). If I got into a group with an extroverted A or C, I had no problems letting them lead the group if I thought it was going somewhere good, I would never be the "writer" (my handwriting is atrocious), and only provide ideas when I thought it relevant. I would also claim the easiest questions, or be the person to put the project on poster-board / design the PowerPoint slides / whatever.

    I would say some truth to some jackass, and when he would try to fight I typically had 3-4 guys and 5-6 girls get in their face for trying to fuck with me. The funny thing was I was a better fighter (and still am) than most of my friends and had no problem sticking up for myself, but would (still do) refuse to fight unless I had a real reason.

    I was never the most popular kid, but I still got invited to lots of parties, hooked up with plenty of random chicks, and made a bunch of friends. I knew that I had to go to HS, and you can either hate it, or suck it up and make the best of it.

    You are INTP, you are likely more intelligent than 99% of the school, you have no weakness, use this to your ADVANTAGE.

    HS was easy and fun. Don't be a lazy fuck, just read the wall of text.

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    I love school, I am so sorry I am done for the moment. But I plan on going back next year.

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    why not consider correspondence, there is less structure involved, you can't escape it completely, but i think it might work.

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    I hate school, I hate having to do what the teacher tells me, I hate studying trivial matters I don't care about, but since I got to university, for the first time I'm actually challenged, so it's getting better.

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    [YOUTUBE="k1prn8Urmmo"]Hey Cheer up kids! It gets a lot worse...[/YOUTUBE]

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